The GoCanvas Blog: GoCanvas Subscribers – Who is Using GoCanvas?

By: ben newsom September 24, 2014

How ACE Electrical and Communication Saved $68,000 In One Year

Discover how ACE Electrical and Communication saved $68,000 In one year, while also collecting more accurate and comprehensive information with GoCanvas.

By: Jason Good August 12, 2014

Grower Direct Farms Saves $600 a Month by Going Mobile

Read about how Grower Direct Farms is able to $600 a month from taking their processes mobile.

By: keith bateman August 4, 2014

The Easy, Reliable Field Service Tool Saving Time for One New England Construction Equipment Dealer

Learn about how GoCanvas became the easy, reliable field service tool for saving time for one New England construction equipment dealer.

By: matthew bubna-litic July 31, 2014

How One Small Business is Saving Over $12,000 in One Year

Discover the one switch saving one small business thousands a month. 

By: keith bateman July 29, 2014

Here is a Method That’s Helping Plumbers Get Paid Faster

Baker Plumbing Ltd., provides plumbing, heating, and gas fitting services to the greater Calgary area. While they have provided great service to their customers, they found paper wasn’t serving their company. Read on to see how GoCanvas helped.

By: katie simpson July 11, 2014

How DC Central Kitchen Saved Time and Improved their Grant Reporting

Discover how DC Central Kitchen, a major non-profit in the DC area, saved time and improved their Grant Reporting through GoCanvas.

By: matthew bubna-litic July 3, 2014

The One Switch That Saved a Contractor Thousands of Dollars

Ace Contractors Group Pty Ltd, is an Australian owned company offering wide variety of services including Civil, Landscaping, Infrastructure, Environmental Management, Water Industry, Electrical, Plant and Equipment. Discover how they’ve saved over $2,000 in just four months. 

By: Joe Gatto May 15, 2014

Cleaning and Restoration Company Deploys Mobile Apps on iPhone and BlackBerry using GoCanvas

When every second counts, can you rely on paper? Discover how one New England company fixed their slow processes. 

By: keith bateman May 8, 2014

Construction Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Desktop

I work with number construction companies and contractors. These companies range in size: from small one to five person operations to large nationally recognized companies. GoCanvas has hundreds of pre-made applications that can apply directly to construction companies, big or small.  

By: scott shea May 8, 2014

GoCanvas Helping the Fight Against Rhino Poaching Through “Ante Up” Program

Back in July 2012, an email was sent to us from Mike Grover.  He had discovered us through a basic web search and found that GoCanvas could be very useful in their fight against Rhino poaching in South Africa. 

This immediately caught the attention of several GoCanvas team members.  Read on to find out why! 

By: Jason Peck March 28, 2014

How A Leading Experiential Marketing Agency Uses GoCanvas for Paperless Waivers

Perhaps you've heard of a little show called Game of Thrones? Read on to hear how Relevent, a leading experiential marketing agency, used GoCanvas to power the waivers for a recent Game of Thrones traveling exhibit, featuring Oculus Rift technology. 

By: Jason Peck December 13, 2013

The Austin Company Streamlines Inspections and Saves $250K Annually with GoCanvas

Learn how the Austin Company was able to reduced their inspections from 2 hours to 15 minutes with GoCanvas. This increase in productivity led to a savings of over $250,000 annually.

By: Jason Good December 6, 2013

GoCanvas HVAC Apps Make Sure Temp Company More Efficient

Does anyone like HVAC paper work orders?  Technicians don’t like messy clipboards or filling out forms by hand. The office personnel struggle to read them, grind their teeth over forms not filled in properly, and take days and days to make it back to the office (If they ever do make it back)! Read on to see how Sure Temp dumped paper!

By: scott shea December 5, 2013

Chesapeake Urology Chooses GoCanvas to Eliminate Inefficiencies

Chesapeake Urology is the largest Urology practice in Maryland, comprised of some of the top urologists in the greater Baltimore area.  Over the past several months, they’ve decided to speed up their office processes by eliminating paperwork.  Prior to using GoCanvas, the doctor would fill out the patient’s complaints on a piece of paper and physically bring it to the billing department.  With such a busy schedule, this process often meant serious delays for the billing department to process all this paperwork (not to mention the issue of doctors notoriously poor handwriting)!

By: katie simpson November 26, 2013

Frontier Construction Company Blazes Trail with GoCanvas!

Frontier Construction, a construction company in the Chicago area, blazes a new trail through the windy city. Read on to learn how they’re innvoating with GoCanvas mobile apps! 

By: Brent Nieder November 22, 2013

Meet Paper P.I.

Anytown, USA

1:13 A.M.

I’ve been a P.I. for a long time, seen a lot of things I wish I could un-see. Fires, shredders, letter openers – the paper in this town isn’t safe anymore. 

By: Jason Peck November 21, 2013

Canvas Powers Washington West Film Festival Apps Through Ante Up Program

The Washington West Film Festival believes “story can change the world.” The group recently held their third annual event here in Reston, VA and the Washington, DC area. Through the GoCanvas Ante Up Program, we were able to work with Washington West to help power some of their app & technology needs, including utilizing our Intuit GoPayment integration to help them run their merchandise sales. Read on to learn more! 

By: katie simpson November 18, 2013

HLM Property Management Surveyors Lose the Clipboard and Choose GoCanvas

HLM Property Management Surveyors is an established property management company specializing in block management throughout the UK. Previously, they were struggling with their inspections. Surveying properties around the country was an important part of their work.  They would go from property to property recording their inspections the way people had for years with clipboards and pens!

By: keith bateman November 13, 2013

Precision Heating and Cooling Ends their Long Search with GoCanvas

Pro Refrigeration & Precision is a fantastic client of GoCanvas. They provide premiere HVAC services to the the Midwest region of Illinois including the cities of Alsip, Chicago, Lockport, Schaumburg, and Naperville.

By: andrew cantle November 2, 2013

Australian Healthcare Company Injects Efficiency Into Their Business Using GoCanvas Mobile Forms

An Australian-wide healthcare company is rolling out a GoCanvas pilot. They manage hundreds of contract nurses to visit remote parts of Australia who administer injections to patients.