The GoCanvas Blog: GoCanvas Subscribers – Who is Using GoCanvas?

By: GoCanvas Team August 17, 2022

How 10 Companies Used Digital Transformation to Improve Workflow with GoCanvas

The news is full of stories of businesses going paperless. But what is their approach to paperless? Here are 10 stories from diverse industries seeing real benefits from going paperless.

By: Jason Good January 8, 2019

Fire Inspection Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Apple Mobile Devices

Fire inspection apps for iPads, iPhones, Android, and Apple mobile devices are powerful tools to help streamline any business.  Fire alarm inspection apps, fire extinguisher inspection apps, fire safety inspection apps and more are all common uses of the GoCanvas platform. Read more…

By: keith bateman January 12, 2018

How Post Consumer Brands Has Saved Over $3M by Going Paperless

Learn how MOM Brands, acquired by Post Consumer Brands in 2015 for $1.15 billion dollars, made the transition from paper-based data collection to GoCanvas and saved over $500k annually.

By: keith bateman May 12, 2017

How Home Builder, True Homes, Streamlined Inspections & Increased Sales by $1M

True Homes, the 16th largest private home builder in America approached GoCanvas when their paper-based inspection process began to negatively impact customer satisfaction and productivity. Read more about their journey from doing everything on paper to transitioning to mobile inspections while saving more than $22,880 on form costs alone.

By: keith bateman October 4, 2016

How TekPak Inc. Mobilized Their Manufacturing Line and Saved $121K By Switching to GoCanvas

Learn how one manufacturing company was able to mobilize their manufacturing line with GoCanvas, saving them over $121K.

By: keith bateman August 8, 2016

How One Trucking Company Saved over $750,000 by Automating Field Operations

Learn how one trucking company changed the way they manage their safety reporting process and saved over $750K in the process.

By: keith bateman July 14, 2016

How Plymouth Electric Saved $121,700 in One Year with GoCanvas

Learn how one mobile form is saving Plymouth Electric almost $500 per day in productivity.

By: keith bateman April 12, 2016

How Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Saves $32K a Year with One App from GoCanvas

Learn how Allied Air Conditioning & Heating was able to save $32 a year by taking their service invoice digital in GoCanvas.

By: Jason Peck March 3, 2016

Citizen Developer Interview – Christie Martin of Efficiency Engineering

We're excited to launch our Citizen Developer Interview Series, where we interview non-IT specialists and Canvas subscribers who have taken on a role of “citizen developer” and are empowered to solve business specific business issues with tech that doesn't require programming knowledge.

By: mary qin November 23, 2015

How Mobile Changed Business for Globe Tattoo Home Broadband

Can switching to mobile apps change your business? Learn how one Philippine Broadband provider changed service by going mobile. 

By: Jason Good November 13, 2015

Fire & Safety Commodities, Inc. is 100% Paperless and Can Forecast Revenue by Using GoCanvas Platform

See how Fire & Safety Commodities, Inc. have successfully removed paper from the equation, allowing them to grow their business from a single location to 3 locations today.

By: Jason Good October 29, 2015

Case Study: How a Supply Chain Business Uses Paperless Estimates, Work Orders and More

Learn how a supply chain business uses paperless estimates, work orders and more to save time and money.

By: Michael Benedict September 14, 2015

How Logistics Provider Royal Cargo Innovates and Saves Over $144K Annually with Mobile Apps

See how logistics provider Royal Cargo saved over $144K annually with mobile forms in GoCanvas.

By: katie simpson April 24, 2015

Universal Waste Management Saves Nearly $20,000

A shorter billing cycle, and $20,000 saved a year? Learn how UWM did it.

By: katie simpson April 20, 2015

Cascade Integration Grows by Going Paperless

See how going mobile with GoCanvas gave Cascade Integration the ability capture data easier than before.

By: katie simpson January 28, 2015

How 8 Real Companies Are Going Paperless

We talk a lot about how going mobile benefits businesses across the world and in various industries. But how are real businesses benefiting from going mobile? 

By: katie simpson December 16, 2014

How a Texas Moving Company Saves $583K Annually with Mobile Forms

Read about how a Texas moving company saves $583K annually with GoCanvas by going digital with their bill of lading and damage reports.

By: matthew bubna-litic October 2, 2014

The Easy Fix Saving WEINIG Australia Time And Improving Customer Service

Learn how WEINIG Australia expedited their invoicing and sales cycle with the GoCanvas platform. 

By: Jason Good August 12, 2014

Grower Direct Farms Saves $600 a Month by Going Mobile

Read about how Grower Direct Farms is able to $600 a month from taking their processes mobile.

By: keith bateman August 4, 2014

The Easy, Reliable Field Service Tool Saving Time for One New England Construction Equipment Dealer

Learn about how GoCanvas became the easy, reliable field service tool for saving time for one New England construction equipment dealer.