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HVAC Apps on Site
By: Chip Phillips July 2, 2020

Top 5 HVAC Apps You NEED to Run Your Business

Managing a team of HVAC technicians is full of time consuming challenges. You have to maintain distribution of work assignments, monitor your operations, check up on staff, and ensure that customers are satisfied. Across all of these duties, you also have to make sure you get paid on time every time.

HR Apps
By: Nick Mirisis February 24, 2020

7 HR Apps for Increasing Efficiency

Human resources professionals are often in charge of a wide variety of important internal corporate systems. With so many processes to manage, making the most of your HR time and keeping necessary documents organized is essential. Here are eight types of human resources apps that will help you increase efficiency in your HR role or department. 

By: Nick Mirisis October 22, 2019

Why Use a Mobile Forms App for your Construction Business

7 Reasons You Need Mobile Forms for your Construction Business The construction industry is competitive, but with the right productivity tools, you can help your company stay ahead. With the current construction trend of rapidly adopting digital processes, a mobile forms app may be the digital boost that your construction business is missing. Learn more […]

By: Nick Mirisis October 22, 2019

How to Convert Your Paper Forms to Digital Versions: 4 Simple Steps

4 Steps to Creating an Online Form for your Business Staying in step with the latest digital trends can be a difficult topic for growing businesses to navigate. This difficulty extends to the digital conversion process, which can be complicated and intimidating; however, paper processes are slower, less effective and more expensive than digital variants. […]

Office Workflow
By: Michael Benedict October 14, 2019

6 Ways to Organize Workflow Using GoCanvas

How to Organize Office Workflow Using GoCanvas Achieving a balanced, healthy workflow is a key threshold for all successful businesses. The organization of your office workflow can affect your company’s productivity, employee performance, office dynamics, and customer satisfaction. Thankfully, programs like GoCanvas can now help you streamline your workflow to optimize business performance. Here are […]

mobile business application
By: Michael Benedict October 14, 2019

How GoCanvas Can Help Your Small Business

Elevate Your Small Business With GoCanvas GoCanvas is designed to increase productivity, reduce the time needed to complete complicated data collection processes, and save your small business money. Learn more here about how GoCanvas can help you optimize your small business. Convert Your Paper Forms To Digital Versions GoCanvas makes it easier to capture, edit, […]

By: Michael Benedict July 15, 2016

Three Ways to Use Mobile to Control Retail Shrinkage

Retailers lose billions annually to theft from employees and customers. If you are an independent retail store owner, you need inexpensive ways to engage employees in retail security. 

By: Michael Benedict January 28, 2016

High Profile Food Safety Issues Require New Thinking

Food-related issues cause millions of illnesses and thousands of hospitalizations each year in the United States. Here's how you can avoid food safety issues at your own establishment and all the negative press and publicity that comes with this. 

By: James W Quigley May 1, 2014

Mobile Inspection Apps on iPad, iPhone, Android / Android Tablets, and Windows Mobile

Mobile inspections on Smartphones and Tablets are a favorite application category for GoCanvas.  We have inspectors today using GoCanvas for the widest variety of inspection activities. Read on to see some of our most popular inspection categories!

By: James W Quigley March 25, 2014

Mobile Apps To Deal With The Snow – Snow Plow, Snow Removal Apps Added to GoCanvas Application Store

Snow getting you down?  There's an app for that now!  GoCanvas's Application Store is featuring a number of Apps for those businesses whose business is snow.  The process of removing snow, maintaining snow plows, getting customers to sign contracts for removal of snow and more.  

By: Michael Benedict August 2, 2013

Business Form Template Launches Application Store on!

Kevin Savetz is a prolific entrepreneur. His company, Savetz Publishing, has over 100 websites and is constantly launching new ones. He’s also the author of Terrible Nerd, an autobiography that illustrates his life as a tech journalist-turned-Web publisher, as well as his personal computing, gaming, and online adventures as a child in the 1980s.  It also follows his time as an Internet pioneer in the early ’90s and into his present-day Web success. One of Kevin’s websites,, has hundreds of form templates. Ever the entrepreneur, Kevin saw an opportunity to offer his huge library of forms as mobile apps, and partnered with GoCanvas to launch the Business Form Template Application Store!

By: Michael Benedict June 20, 2013

NRWA Launches Partnership and Application Store with GoCanvas!

The National Rural Water Association (NRWA) is the nation’s largest water and wastewater utility membership association with over 31,000 members. The NRWA has a strong history of grassroots advocacy that ensures increased funds are available to their members from the USDA, EPA, State Revolving Loan Funds and other agencies and private entities. The NRWA wanted to help its members complete these vital inspection tasks using the very latest technologies available vs. traditional pen and paper, and partnered with GoCanvas to develop and deploy a mobile data capture solution and community based application store in less than 3 weeks. Learn more here…

By: Guest Blogger April 9, 2013

Guest Blog: Benefits of Partnership!

A little over a year ago Black Bee Mobile was approached by GoCanvas to become a Content Partner. GoCanvas has some large Partners like Deluxe Corp and ComplyRight, so I was surprised they were interested in a partnership. 

By: Brent Nieder March 28, 2013

Blogging 101

The Dos and Don’ts of blogging.

By: christina croll March 27, 2013

ComplyRight™ Launches Branded Mobile Business Application Store On GoCanvas Platform

ComplyRight Launches Branded Mobile Business Application Store On GoCanvas Platform

ComplyRight’s application store enables businesses to access hundreds of compliance and employment apps to replace paper forms.

By: Michael Benedict March 25, 2013

Interested in Becoming a GoCanvas Reseller?  Have Content? Let’s Partner Up!

Interested in Becoming a GoCanvas Reseller?  Have Content? Let’s Partner Up!

Did you know GoCanvas is open to partnerships? Every week we get inquiries from businesses and organizations around the globe looking to partner with us. Some want to offer Canvas’s mobile data capture solution to their clients and/or industries. Some are content owners who want to turn their paper forms into mobile apps and setup their own Application Store.  In both instances, GoCanvas has programs in place to support these types of partnerships.  Interested?  Read on…

By: kalliopi vlastos March 17, 2013

The Apps of the Irish! The ROI of Safety Link Mobile Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I decided to bring you a guest blog from Irish Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant Martin Denny. Martin was one of my very first customers when I started at GoCanvas almost 2 years ago and he's since become a sales associate of ours, populating the GoCanvas Application Store with great apps for on-site safety inspections.

The aim of Safety Link is to enable employers of Small to Medium size companies to comply with their legal obligations which are set out under Health & Safety legislation. This is done by carrying out a Safety Audit of the premises using their own specially built GoCanvas safety apps to identify any hazards that might be present in the place of work, whether obvious or otherwise. The apps assess the risks which might be involved and helps Safety Link put into place the necessary control measures to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Read on to learn how Safety-Link mobile apps can save you and your business money!

By: christina croll March 9, 2013

Video Game Review App Created Using GoCanvas – By Five Year Old.

The GoCanvas App Builder tool is handy for capturing any type of data – even reviews of Minecraft, Mario Brothers, Halo and your other favorite video games.  Read this story about how my five year old son commandeered my PC to build his dream app.  Then start using the Canvas app builder to catalogue wines, recipes, favorite meals out and just about anything else you would like to document, save for your files and share with others. 

By: Michael Benedict February 19, 2013

InterNACHI Launches Application Store on

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) is the world’s largest, non-profit inspection association. One of the great benefits of InterNACHI is the availability of the International Standards of Practice Commercial Properties Inspection Checklists. “Our Inspectors all want an app of these checklists” said InterNAHCI’s Founder, Nick Gromicko.  InterNACHI’s members are highly qualified. Their inspectors have all successfully passed InterNACHI’s Inspector Examination, taken a Standards of Practice Quiz, completed a Code of Ethics Course, adhere to Standards of Practice, abide by a Code of Ethics, attend required continuing education courses and are InterNACHI Certified. Nick recently teamed up with GoCanvas to provide InterNACHI’s home inspectors with popular inspection checklists as mobile apps.

By: andrew cantle February 11, 2013

Australian Cake Company Discovers How Sweet GoCanvas Is

One of Australia’s best-known Cake companies is rolling out a Field Sales Coaching Tool using the GoCanvas platform. The company decided that it needed to make more use of the increasing number of smartphones and tablets that employees are carrying every day, and looked to GoCanvas to make it happen for them!