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What is a Work Order?

Work orders are used by field service organizations to manage work that needs to be performed for a client or on a job site. This guide explains everything you need to know about work orders and how your business can use them to operate more efficiently.   What is the meaning of work order? Companies […]

By Brian Sugarman on September 25, 2021
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Best Invoice App for Contractors

  Software solutions for contractors are growing in popularity, with specific apps to help with different types of business projects. One such example are invoice apps that enable contractors to provide a digital invoice to clients. This article covers how invoice apps work and where you can find an easy-to-use template for your business.   […]

By Brian Sugarman on September 20, 2021
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Your Guide for Rental Inspection Checklists

What is a rental inspection checklist? A rental inspection checklist is used by property management companies to ensure that rental units are in good condition for tenants. The rental inspection checklist is typically performed by a member of the property management staff and includes all different areas of the home or property to inspection. Once […]

By Brian Sugarman on September 15, 2021
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3 Challenges with Paper Timecards and How to Avoid Them

Paper timecards are costly in the short and long run. If you want to influence your bottom line, ditching them for a better alternative should be inevitable. This article covers three of the top challenges with paper timecards and how to avoid them using timecard apps.    Challenge #1: Buddy Punching    What is buddy […]

By Brian Sugarman on September 7, 2021
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Should You Connect Field Service Management Software with QuickBooks?

Field service management software has shown to increase productivity both for employees in the field and operations teams in the office. You may be wondering how field service management software works with your existing tools, for things like your accounting system. This article explains how field service management software can work in sync with an […]

By Brian Sugarman on September 4, 2021
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13 Ways to Create Better Forms

  Converting your paper forms into digital forms instead? The switch from paper to digital brings you new possibilities on what to include and how to create your forms to optimize your results. This article covers some of the ways you can create better forms using digital form builders.  Instead of trying to replicate your […]

By Brian Sugarman on August 25, 2021
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Why Go Digital with Inspection Checklists?

Inspection checklists are an essential task for many industries and workplaces. This could be a safety inspection to spot potential hazards, equipment inspections and preventative maintenance, property or residential inspections, and much more. For all types of inspections, the checklist is a useful tool because it provides a clear list for inspectors to follow and […]

By Brian Sugarman on August 20, 2021
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What is Field Service Management Software?

  Field service management is a category of software solutions that are designed to simplify the field operations for businesses that have a distributed workforce. There are many types of companies that have a field service component to their business model, including residential services, construction, utilities, and similar types of organizations with field operations. The […]

By Brian Sugarman on August 17, 2021
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6 Things to Look for in a Time Card App

Time card apps are growing in popularity to replace the traditional form of punching in and punching out. A digital time card allows employees to record their hours worked by using a mobile app on a phone, tablet, or computer. Time card apps are helpful for a company’s payroll systems. By recording hours worked through […]

By Brian Sugarman on August 13, 2021
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What to Look for in a Mobile Form Builder

Finding the right form builder for your business is an important decision. Today’s form builders are offered as cloud-based solutions, where you can login to the platform online and start building forms to be deployed on a mobile app or web browser. There are limitless ways companies can use forms for their business.  Most often […]

By Brian Sugarman on August 10, 2021