3 Ways to Achieve OSHA Safety Compliance with GoCanvas


In July 2018, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced that they will require a digital submission of their Summary OSHA 300A Log (Yearly Summary of all Illness and Injury Reports). Failing to meet this requirement could result in a massive fine of up to $14,052.

This means that businesses across the US will need to start compiling all of their OSHA 300 and OSHA 301 (Illness and Injury Reports) records into a digital copy of a Summary OSHA 300A Log. There are a few ways that OSHA will be accepting the Form 300A Summary Log which include, webform, CSV import, or a transmitted version through a complex API.

GoCanvas streamlines this process making it so submitting the OSHA 300A form is as simple as pressing a button.

In the GoCanvas Application Store, you can easily find and download all of your industries’ OSHA safety documents into your GoCanvas account. This includes the OSHA 300, OSHA 301, and OSHA 300A log. Once you’ve added these apps to your library, you can easily organize and dispatch them to whoever would need access to filling out these reports in the field

But wait it gets better…

The GoCanvas team has developed an integrated solution that enables your employees to simply fill out either the OSHA 300 or OSHA 301 form (whichever is relevant to their situation) and have the information automatically flow into a digital copy of the OSHA 300A Log. In other words, this means there will be no copying or manual transfer that will have to occur on the back end. When it is time to submit your Summary OSHA 300A Log, all you’ll have to do is download the information as a CSV, and instantly upload it to the OSHA web portal for hassle-free filing!

This substantially eliminates human errors in data transfer and saves the HR folks time, stress, and even money.

In the past five years, is there a chance one of your OSHA 300 or OSHA 301 forms has been misplaced or thrown away? This mistake also could equate to a fine of over $12,000 on top of a potential lawsuit. OSHA requires all report records to be saved and stored for a minimum of 5 years.

GoCanvas gives companies unlimited storage for the lifetime of the account. Each record can be easily retrieved and reviewed in real-time. Since all of the information is stored in one place, OSHA audits and performance reviews will be simple as pie. But the best part is, that you’ll finally be receiving and viewing data in real-time, which allows for proactive decisions to be made within your business. This will ultimately help you to track down and eliminate inefficiencies within your operations.

We understand that the OSHA 300 and OSHA 301 forms aren’t the only safety forms your company fills out. For most businesses, there are many preventative measures and steps taken to reduce the risk of injuries from happening in the first place. With GoCanvas we offer a platform that can help you manage ALL of your other safety forms such as:

The best part is that you aren’t limited to the number of forms, submissions, or data within your account. This allows you to create a robust, OSHA compliant safety program that won’t break your budget.

About GoCanvas

GoCanvas® is on a mission to simplify inspections and maximize compliance. Our intuitive platform takes care of the administrative tasks, freeing our customers to focus on what truly matters – safeguarding their people, protecting their equipment, and delivering exceptional quality to their customers. 

Since 2008, thousands of companies have chosen GoCanvas as their go-to partner for seamless field operations.

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