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Chemical Safety: Compressed Gases Checklist Mobile App

Compressed gases can become dangerous projectiles if they fall and compromise safety. The Chemical Safety: Compressed Gases Checklist mobile app covers storage,moving of gas cylinders and proper use of gas gauges.

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    They should be stored with a secure, approved strap or chain

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    Always keep covers on compressed gas cylinders when not in use.

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    To move gas cylinders secure the cylinder in the tank dolly using the strap and make sure the cap...

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    The gauge on the right reads the pressure in the tank.

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    The gauge on the left reads the pressure at the regulator.

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    When attaching the regulator to the tank make sure the tank valve is closed clock wise (all the w...

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    To close the regulator valve requires counter clock wise rotation

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    (NOTE: this is opposite of the tank valve).

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    Be aware that when you connect a pressurized cylinder to a closed system, you can over pressurize...

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    Always make sure the regulator is completely closed before opening the tank valve and then slowly...

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    Know what the safe operating pressure is of the system you are using.

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