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Food Safety: GMPs Sanitary Facilities and Controls Mobile App

The Food Safety: GMPs Sanitary Facilities and Controls mobile app offers a simple way to conduct a food safety inspection from anywhere in the field. The app can be customized for all types of food establishments, including grocery stores, restaurants and food trucks.

Users can add their own notes about the establishments they inspect, adding comments and ratings related to food preparation, storage of food products, compliance with food safety regulations and food operations. Once the food establishment inspection has been completed, the app saves the results electronically for your records.

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Included Fields

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  • Ico checkbox

    Is trash, debris and clutter picked up, both inside and outside the plant, so as not to provide ...

  • Ico checkbox

    Are all sanitation chemicals used in the plant USDA/FDA approved?

  • Ico checkbox

    Do employees eat, drink and use tobacco products only in designated areas, and not in the produc...

  • Ico checkbox

    Is the food spilled or uneaten by employees cleaned up quickly so as not to attract pests or bre...

  • Ico checkbox

    Has old rodent excreta been cleaned up so you can spot any new activity?

  • Ico checkbox

    Is garbage quickly removed and dumped in appropriate bins?

  • Ico checkbox

    Is the garbage kept covered?

  • Ico checkbox

    Is the water used in your firm from an approved source (either municipal supply or tested privat...

  • Ico checkbox

    Have you made sure there are no hoses left dangling in sinks or on the ground?

  • Ico checkbox

    Do your facilities have back flow and vacuum breaker valves to prevent contaminate your water su...

  • Ico checkbox

    Is there standing water around your firm (particularly in the production area, warehouse and pac...

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