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Ensure tasks are complete with digital checklists

GoCanvas paperless to-do lists track and break down any process into simple checkboxes. From housekeeping staff to construction workers, stay on task by following step-by-step instructions displayed right on your smartphone.

With digital checklists, you can:

  • Improve task management by eliminating re-work due to missed steps with required fields.

  • Comply with federal safety requirements by easily generating inspection reports in real-time.

  • Document each required step in your process for more more consistent results.

How GoCanvas works

  • 1. Create

    Build your own custom mobile Apps – without writing a line of code.

  • 2. Collect

    Enter exactly the data you need, right from your preferred mobile device.

  • 3. Share

    Send your checklists to co-workers, customers, or anyone else who needs the info.

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Paper checklists increase risk

  • Lost, incomplete, incorrect, or illegible paper forms?

    Make fields required so users can't skip them and pre-populate known info like addresses and parts so the data's always accurate.

  • Limited visibility on what's happening in the field?

    Instantly transfer in-progress checklists from one person to another to review, approve, or reject then sync to the cloud for easy access.

  • Spending too much time checking in on the status of projects?

    Get alerts every time a checklist is completed, so you don't have to worry about following up while things are in progress.

  • Losing time with techs travelling between the office & job location to submit checklists?

    Send checklists straight from the office to the field so techs don't have to come back to the office.

Why GoCanvas?

"It's a great way to eliminate paper and save money for our organization."

Melanie Dillmon

Thousands of companies trust us to take their business to the next level.

launch in under a day

Most customers build and roll out their own digital forms in less than a day.

months for full ROI

On average, customers see a complete return on their investment within their first 7 months.

increased productivity

Customers report seeing a 24% increase in productivity with GoCanvas.


Changing the way you work has never been easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

During your trial, you'll have access to everything GoCanvas can do (Dispatch and Workflow, API and Integrations, and more) – no credit card or commitment required. When your trial is up, pick a paid plan that works for you or stick with the features available for free.

Absolutely! GoCanvas allows you to fill out forms when you are out in the field, offline, or outside of your cellular service coverage area. When you are back in range of wi-fi or mobile data coverage, simply upload your data to the cloud.

Nope! Store everything you need with your GoCanvas paid account. Submit, save, and retrieve unlimited mobile forms from your account with no restrictions or extra fees.

Integrate instantly with Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive right from within GoCanvas, or connect to Zapier, which links to thousands of other platforms. Need something more? Our Professional Services team can help.

We can make it the same or even better with our PDF Designer tool. If you need a form to be pixel perfect, our Custom PDF team can make it happen.