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Neighborhood Watch - Suspect Description Mobile App

Residents are the eyes and ears of a community. Neighborhood Watch groups work together to keep crime at bay and report suspicious activity to law enforcement. This is a way for residents to play an active participation role in crime prevention and help make communities feel safer.

The comprehensive Neighborhood Watch – Suspect Description mobile app that aids in recording descriptions of Neighborhood Watch suspects. Residents can log information about the suspect's age, height, weight, sex, clothing, etc.

This Neighborhood Watch – Suspect Description mobile app can be easily customized to meet the needs of your Neighborhood Watch group's preferences and needs. Customize it further so responses from residents are sent real time to your local police department and other Neighborhood Watch members.

Use this handy resource as part of your crime prevention program. The mobile app is user-friendly for people of all ages.

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Take a peek inside the Neighborhood Watch - Suspect Description Mobile App

Included Features

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Included Fields

Customize to add, remove, or edit any of the fields below.

  • Ico date


  • Ico time


  • Ico textbox


  • Ico textbox

    Race (black, white, hispanic, etc)

  • Ico textbox

    Complexion (dark, light, rugged, etc)

  • Ico textbox

    Age (mid-twenties, thirties, forties, etc.

  • Ico textbox

    Height (estimate in 2 inch blocks; for example: between 6'0" and 6'2")

  • Ico textbox

    Weight (estimate in blocks of 10 pounds)

  • Ico textbox

    Build (large, medium, stocky, thin, etc.

  • Ico textbox

    Hair (red, brown, thick, thin, balding, beard, etc.

  • Ico textbox

    Clothing (type, color, style - start at the top and work down: hat, coat, shirt, pants, shoes)

  • Ico textbox

    Other Features (visible tattoos or piercings, glasses, etc.

  • Ico textbox

    Direction of Travel (north, south, east, west, name of street if possible)

  • ...and More!

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