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Midwife Self Pay Agreement for Clients without Insurance Mobile App

Birthing centers and midwives do not have the ability to give a “quote” before or at the time of the visit. This is because they can’t predict what services may be needed during an appointment. Each procedure code has a price attached to it and we would like our billing team to be able to discount those charges before giving you your final bill. The Midwife Self Pay Agreement for Clients without Insurance mobile app includes a self-payment agreement form for patients paying for their own medical services.

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  • Red Bull
  • Mirvac

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Included Fields

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  • Ico statictext

    We are happy to provide ongoing care for our families without insurance coverage.

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    Please read, initial each line and sign below.

  • Ico signature

    I understand that my payment today is a down payment on my final bill.

  • Ico signature

    If I have a pap-smear or vaginal culture I will be billed by the lab directly.

  • Ico signature

    If I have other lab work done (blood or urine tests) I may receive another bill from <Insert Name...

  • Ico signature

    If I do not pay my bill in a timely manner, or set up a payment plan, I will lose any courtesy di...

  • Ico signature

    In the event my account goes to an outside collections firm, a $30 fee will be added to my balance.

  • Ico textbox

    Client Name

  • Ico signature


  • Ico date


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