Whether you specialize in public swimming pools, residential pools, hot tubs, wading pools, or swimming pool and spas accessories, your work allows people to have a fun, relaxing time enjoying water. When you are repairing swimming pools and spas or selling various part each day, your line of work involves plenty of forms and reports to complete by hand.

Thankfully, now you can spend less time on manual data entry, and instead, complete paperwork from you desktop or mobile device with GoCanvas pool and spa mobile apps. These mobile apps cover all important fields found in traditional pool and spa forms, but offer you the flexibility of creating and filling them out from any desktop computer, smartphone or tablet of your choice.

You can find a wide variety of mobile apps to choose from in the GoCanvas collection of pool and spa mobile apps. Each mobile app is in the format of a customizable template. Browse through swimming pool construction contracts, public swimming pool inspection reports, pool equipment inventory reports, water quality logs, simple water safety lists and pool safety checklists. Feel free to build your own app from scratch using the App Builder. You may want to create apps specific to hot tubs, chemical and chlorine levels or whirlpool foot spas. You can with this easy-to-use drag-and-drop app building interface.

Simply choose a pool and spa template that suits what you are looking for or create your own, complete the fields, then submit it to generate a pool and spa PDF. All PDFs will be automatically saved to the GoCanvas Cloud. Just like that, you can create and store pool and spa PDFs that can be retrieved at any time.

Whether you take care of Olympic swimming pools, or the backyard jacuzzi, paper and water don't go together. From invoices to cleaning checklists, keep the data with GoCanvas mobile apps and lose the paper.

Paper forms are a thing of the past. Our mobile app platform enables you to build unique order forms reports and templates that can be shared as PDFs with any smartphone or mobile device. If you handle inspections forms and frequently need to compute numbers, data or hours, then we have just what you need. Our customizable form templates help you develop the perfect app built just for you.

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