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Running an art gallery or art museum takes much more than finding great pieces for an exhibition and advertising them to the public. If you deal with any type of art, from fine art to graffiti art, you can streamline your work with helpful art gallery forms and apps from GoCanvas.

Designed specifically for exhibition of visual arts, the art gallery templates and apps offer a variety of useful tools. You can use the apps to track details about each artist and painting or other works of art, track hours worked by gallery staff, maintain art exhibition lists and manage the day-to-day details of launching an art exhibition. Designed for an art gallery, art museum, photo gallery or other types of museums, the apps help make it easy to exhibit everything from art and popular works, to experimental modern art and up and coming artists. All art gallery PDFs can be customized for your gallery.

When running checklists reports, you will want to be able share the data with your group quickly and easily. All GoCanvas app templates can be personalized on mobile devices and shared as PDFs.

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