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Driver's Daily Log Mobile App

The Driver's Daily Log was developed as an app for documenting daily driving logs and saving driver's logs in one place. This application is great for delivery drivers, truck drivers, trucking companies, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, professional drivers, you name it. Any person who clocks large amounts of driving time will find this app useful.

This app makes documentation easier for drivers - especially when compared to log books! For instance, if you are a driver who primarily performs same-day delivery services, you could document that the package was successfully delivered and the details of the time and location. Even better, the app is fully customizable. Every little detail that is involved with the logistics of driving can be incorporated, such as a mileage log, vehicle inspection reports and hours-of-service regulations. Access this app on any desktop or mobile device at any time, even if you don't have a Wi-Fi network connection. Once submitted, the log files are immediately saved to the Cloud as well as in PDF format. Ditch paper logs and try electronic logs today.

También disponible en inglés: Registro diario del conductor.

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Take a peek inside the Driver's Daily Log Mobile App

Included Features

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Included Fields

Customize to add, remove, or edit any of the fields below.

  • Ico statictext Driver's Daily Log
  • Ico date Date
  • Ico textbox Routes
  • Ico textbox Driver
  • Ico textbox Truck #
  • Ico integer Regular Stops
  • Ico integer Rest Stops
  • Ico calculator TOTAL Stops
  • Ico integer Packages
  • Ico integer Pick-Ups
  • Ico time Clock On
  • Ico time Clock Off
  • Ico textbox TTL
  • Ico time Start Time
  • Ico time Stop Time
  • Ico textbox TTL
  • Ico decimal Lunch (minutes)
  • Ico decimal Load Time (minutes)
  • Ico decimal Start Miles
  • Ico decimal End Miles
  • Ico calculator Total Miles
  • Ico integer # of incomplete deliveries due to our error
  • Ico integer Reusables (Trays)
  • Ico integer Reusables (Tubs)
  • Ico statictext Pre-Trip Inspection Performed
  • Ico checkbox Parking Brakes
  • Ico checkbox Steering
  • Ico checkbox Lighting/reflectors
  • ...and More!

See it in Action

  • An application meant for keeping a daily driver's log. This application can customize the form so that all the necessary information is kept for any delivery or freight driver. Made perfect for both private company fleets and freight companies, this will
  • iPhone or iPad (iOS): Driver's Daily Log Mobile App (Example 1)
  • iPhone or iPad (iOS): Driver's Daily Log Mobile App (Example 2)
  • iPhone or iPad (iOS): Driver's Daily Log Mobile App (Example 3)
  • iPhone or iPad (iOS): Driver's Daily Log Mobile App (Example 4)

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