Form Templates

Occupational health and safety is a vital part of every work place. As an occupational health and safety professional or business owner, keeping people safe should always be your top priority. OHS forms and apps from GoCanvas make it possible to manage your OHS program electronically.

Whether you are just creating an OSH policy or are implementing an updated plan, OHS PDFs can help get your message across. Use OHS templates to create customized OHS incident report templates, fill out workers' compensation forms, complete a risk assessment of the workplace and more. The forms can be shared electronically among OHS committees, making it easy to create a cohesive OHS policy for a OHS program. The helpful information will help you manage hazards, complete an OHS incident risk assessment, improve workplace health and reduce OHS incidents on the job.

Easy access to details is critical to success in the digital world. Our checklists reports and checklists help you arrange, schedule and track all the most critical facets of your work. GoCanvas inspections templates are fully customizable and available on any mobile device or PC. Our apps will help you fill in forms, generate contracts and handle reports - which can all be shared and organized as PDFs.

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