Precision Teaching

Form Templates

The Precision teaching method was designed to assist instructors with methods of teaching specific to individuals with learning challenges, such as learning disabilities and psychological conditions. The teaching methods, which are known for both elaborate and standard celebration charts and learning outcomes logs, require careful tracking of information in order to be most effective. Using precision teaching forms and apps from GoCanvas can help improve both teaching and learning in schools.

Precision teaching reports and forms include materials related to specific subjects, such as reading comprehension and math skills. The education apps make it easy to complete skills assessments, improve reading fluency and complete curriculum-based assessments electronically. All precision teaching PDFs are customizable and are perfect for teachers and teaching assistants, learning specialists and others who work to improve learning outcomes for all students.

If you have ever needed all of your checklists forms, checklists and reports in one place, then GoCanvas has you covered. GoCanvas has customizable app templates which can used to develop easily sharable reports as PDFs.

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