High Schools

Form Templates

Working at a high school and supervising students naturally requires a significant amount of paperwork. From high school transcripts, transfer requests, high school athletic program student registration forms and high school graduation requirements documents, to participation evaluation forms, grades/report card, physical exams and more, the paperwork can be a hassle to complete by hand.

No need to sit behind a desk filling out high school forms all day. Now, you can do all these things and more from your smartphone or tablet with GoCanvas mobile apps which are accessible from any desktop or mobile device. In the GoCanvas collection of customizable high school templates, you will find new student enrollment forms, meal count forms, requirements for extra-curricular activities, club registration forms, high school registration work plans and so much more.

Administration, high school students and parents alike will benefit from the switch to digital and the time it saves. Reduce the time it takes to get items approved.

When you submit an app, a PDF is automatically generated and saved to the GoCanvas Cloud for easy sharing. Quickly create high school PDFs and store them in a secure location.

GoCanvas inspections mobile apps are compatible with any smartphone, mobile device or PC, enabling you to complete checklists, calculate hours and maintain schedules no matter where you are.

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