Dorms & Student Housing

Form Templates

For university housing, there are numerous documents involved when it comes to assigning residence halls, comparing on-campus housing perks with off-campus housing, explaining meal plans and more. Don't get overwhelmed by all of the university student housing paperwork. Instead, opt for easy-to-use, digital dorm and student housing forms.

GoCanvas offers a wide range of customizable dorm and student housing mobile apps. You can find apps specifically developed for university housing staff, meal plan managers, housing application reviewing personnel, residence hall safety officers and other professionals in the field. If you prefer to use the App Builder to create your own app, you can do so within just minutes. Say for example, you need to create a template for max occupancy rules, deposit deadline notices or washer dryer guidelines, you can create these with no hassle, using the drag-and-drop feature to get the forms laid out just how you need them.

Quickly generate dorm and students housing PDFs to share them with other staff members. This is a highly-efficient way for relaying time-pertinent information to speed up processes. All data is stored in the secure GoCanvas Cloud for easy data retrieval.

If you have ever wanted all of your inspections forms, checklists and reports in a single place, then GoCanvas has you covered. GoCanvas has customizable app templates which can used to develop easily sharable reports as PDFs. Easy access to data is key to success in the digital world. Our checklists reports and checklists help you arrange, schedule and track all the most important aspects of your work.

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