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UNICEF Sanitation Handbook: Action Planning Mobile App

This app has been prepared serve as a UNICEF resource for staff and their partners to use in planning realistic and better quality sanitation programmes. The sanitation programming process presented in the UNICEF apps employs participatory methods, objectives oriented planning techniques, and key principles that reflect positive and negative lessons learned about sanitation. The methods you will find here focus on programme-level rather than project-level planning, endeavors in which the programme is a broad framework for several projects with similar longterm goals. The UNICEF Sanitation Handbook: Action Planning mobile app is designed to answer the question “What Now? This activity should take 60-90 minutes to complete. GoCanvas can help you search your data.

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    Activity: Plan of Action

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    Time required: 60-90 minutes.

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    Purpose: To answer the question of “What now?

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    Instructions: This is a three-part exercise that should be done in plenary, if at all possible.

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    Assuming that this workshop is being held as a first step in preparing a new sanitation programme...

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    Introductory remarks: This workshop has been held within an overall context of creating awareness...

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    Instructions to participants: This exercise is divided into discrete segments.

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    In Part A, decide which general issues or areas of the programme (referring back to the problem t...

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    In Part B, decide what needs to be done.

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    In Part C, identify who is responsible for each task identified in Part B, and establish deadline...

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    In plenary, clarify any points arising from Parts A, B, or C.

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    You have (minutes for this exercise)

  • Ico time

    (If small groups are used, tell participants to return to plenary at (Time) ready to make their ...

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    Output: A list of tasks to complete, who is responsible for completion of each task, and deadline...

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