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Inventory Turnover Ratio Mobile App

The Inventory Turnover Ratio mobile app offers a simple way to calculate your average inventory amount using the turnover ratio. Easily accessible from a smartphone or tablet, the app calculates the cost of goods sold over a year divided by the average inventory during the year.

The results calculated by the inventory management app can be downloaded into a .csv file and used for reports that can predict future turnover ratios.

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  • Ico statictext

    Calculation of the inventory turnover ratio includes:

  • Ico decimal

    Cost of goods sold from the income statement for the year ended

  • Ico statictext

    Average inventory computed from the balance sheet amounts during the year.

  • Ico decimal

    Cost of goods sold $ COGS

  • Ico decimal

    Average Inventory AI

  • Ico calculator

    Inventory turnover ratio IT (COGS / AI)

  • ...and More!

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