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Warehouse Bin Card Mobile App

The Warehouse Bin Card Mobile App provides effective inventory management for warehouses and material handling operations. With the app, you can track commodities in different warehouses in real time, by item number, sales orders, serial numbers and other features. The customizable app quickly delivers business logistics and real-time analytics for warehouse managers and inventory control specialists. This app is easily accessible from tablets, mobile devices or a PC, making it easy to enjoy full inventory control anytime, anywhere.

When physical inventory in warehouses goes untracked, it can easily become lost forever. Maintaining an electronic record using real-time data with this easy to use warehouse management system is a smart alternative to implementing expensive retail software in multiple locations. Make the most of your products and your warehouse by eliminating obsolete inventory with this powerful tool in inventory management. Always keep track of business logistics and real-time analytics with the best app for warehouses anywhere!

GoCanvas has all sorts of logistics management templates you need.

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