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Landing Zone Helicopter Safety Mobile App

The Landing Zone Helicopter Safety Mobile App helps both helicopter pilots and ground personnel ensure the safe operation of landing sites, landing areas, drop zones and other touchdown areas. Available on any smartphone mobile device or PC, this useful app is always on hand no matter where you are. This app is perfect for emergency responders and emergency medical helicopter crews who carry out helicopter operations in less than optimal conditions.

When it comes to the final approach, whether you are an experienced helicopter pilot or not, you want to make sure the entire flight team is on the same page. With this powerful app, you can make sure you effectively monitor safe zones, wind direction, rotor wash, traffic control, landing points, personal protective equipment, perimeter lighting, and other aspects of a safe landing. Whether you are an emergency response team or a you work with a load area ground crew, this app will make sure every landing is a safe landing.

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  • Ico checkbox

    The helicopter’s pilot-in-command is responsible for selecting the landing zone and has the final...

  • Ico checkbox

    Surface should be flat as possible.

  • Ico checkbox

    No loose debris should be within the landing zone.

  • Ico checkbox

    Vehicle doors, windows and access compartments should be closed.

  • Ico checkbox

    Stretchers should be left in the ambulance and all loose articles secured until directed by pilot...

  • Ico checkbox

    Do not use flares or other objects to outline the landing zone.

  • Ico checkbox

    Fire fighters should not lay out hose, any hoses that have been laid must be charged.

  • Ico checkbox

    SPECTATORS must remain 200 feet clear of the helicopter.

  • Ico checkbox

    instructed by the pilot or crew members.

  • Ico checkbox

    landing zone during landing and take-off.

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