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Mold Remediation Level I: Small Isolated Areas (10 contiguous sq. ft. or less) Mobile App

In all situations, the underlying cause of water accumulation must be rectified or fungal growth will occur. Any initial water infiltration should be stopped and cleaned immediately. An immediate response (within 48 hours) and thorough clean up, drying, and/or removal of water damaged materials will prevent or limit mold growth. The Mold Remediation Level I: Small Isolated Areas (10 contiguous sq. ft. or less) mobile app is designed to assist in small areas of contamination.

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    Level I: Small Isolated Areas (10 contiguous sq.

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    Regular building maintenance staff can conduct remediation.

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    Respiratory protection (e.

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    The immediate work area should be unoccupied.

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    people with chronic inflammatory lung diseases (e.

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    Containment of the work area is not necessary.

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    Contaminated materials that cannot be cleaned should be removed from the building in a sealed pla...

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    The work area and area used by remedial workers for egress should be cleaned with a damp cloth an...

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    All areas should be left dry and visibly free from contamination and debris.

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