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Signature Capture Mobile App

The Signature Capture mobile app is a simple application designed to show you how easy it is to build a GoCanvas mobile app that includes customer signature capture and validation. The mobile device acts replaces the need for signature capture pads and can capture electronic signatures using a stylus or just your finger. The electronic signature capture feature in the app can be used on most mobile devices and tablets including iphones, ipads, androids, and Windows tablets. GoCanvas apps generate PDF documents that include the captured electronic signature. The signature capture feature is ideal for work orders, bids and estimates, credit card transactions and electronic receipts.

  • Lendlease
  • The Cooperative
  • PG&E
  • Toys R Us
  • Red Bull
  • Mirvac

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Included Fields

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    First Name

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    Last Name

  • Ico date

    Date of Validation

  • Ico time

    Time of Validation

  • Ico checkbox

    I confirm the work was completed to my satisfaction.

  • Ico signature

    Client Signature

  • Ico statictext

    I am satisfied with the work completed, it was completed to my satisfaction.

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Natural Gas - Pipeline Survey

The Natural Gas Pipeline Survey mobile app was designed specifically for the natural gas industry. Instead of using paper surveys to gauge how the public feels about the pipeline and how much they know about pipeline safety procedures, the app generates an electronic survey form using a smartphone or tablet.

Natural gas pipeline surveys are used to measure the community's reaction to and feelings about local pipelines. Natural gas service companies can use these types of surveys to gauge resident satisfaction with the local natural gas industry, and the results can be used to ensure that natural gas transmission doesn't have a negative impact on customer perception. The pipeline company survey can be used before a new transmission pipeline project is developed or prior to pipeline construction to determine how it could impact the neighborhood. It can also be used when developing updated natural gas transmission pipeline safety guidelines and when working with new pipeline operators.

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Boston Market Survey

This Boston Market Survey App is designed for customers, made specifically for Boston Market, but applicable to any food establishment, and the app asks the user a variety of questions concerning his or her opinion of the establishment's food, service, and menu choices. In addition, the form asks the user whether he or she would be willing to eat at Boston Market sometime in the future as well as other questions that relate to the question of repeat business.

The online satisfaction survey is based on the transaction number of in-store shopping and store number for survey respondents and is processed by the Boston Market corporation. The online survey focuses on guest satisfaction and targets the market customer through this mobile application for every Boston Market restaurant. Whether it's a special occasion or a regular family meal, Boston Market restaurant promotes meal deals on rotisserie cooking and excellent customer service, and then they evaluate the quality of food and service through responses to the customer satisfaction survey.

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Famous Daves Catering Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Famous Dave's Catering Customer Satisfaction Survey mobile app was designed to track catering customer dining experiences once an order has been completed. While created for Famous Dave's, the app can be customized to suit other types of restaurants, including the Olive Garden, Golden Corral or private catering companies.

Instead of relying on paper forms when tracking customer satisfaction, the electronic guest satisfaction survey can be completed using a smartphone or tablet. This makes it easy for the customer to let you know how much they appreciated your hard work, or to let you know what could have been done to make the catering dining experience better. Offering free gift cards or validation codes for additional services to those who complete a guest satisfaction survey is a great way to increase your chances of getting a response. For those who are focused on hard work in any type of customer service industry, getting feedback can help you streamline your services and focus restaurant marketing campaigns and catering business work in the right direction.

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Logitech Customer Survey

A customer survey form for Logitech clients.

App Name

Papa Johns Feedback Form

This electronic form serves as a general form which records any comments from both employees and customers about Papa John's Pizza. These comments may vary from the quality of the food to problems with the website. Although made for Papa John's Pizza, this form can be easily adapted to suit the needs of any other business wanting the input of both customers and employees.

App Name

Stoby's Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey

Get your customer feedback quickly and easily by having them access the Stoby's Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey Mobile App.

The Stoby's Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to get answers about the customer's experience of the restaurant's service, food, and menu selections. The form allows for input of the user's name and email address to offer a free appetizer or coupon for their time for completing the custom feedback survey.

The customer satisfaction questionnaire can be modified to meet your needs and can be setup to get a customer's experience on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) based on survey questions about overall service, menu selections, first impressions, quality of food, wait staff service and more.

Each survey response will be saved to the Canvas Cloud for Stoby's and can be compiled to gauge satisfaction level at the businesses.

App Name

PTI Driver Vehicle Inspection Form (Oil & Gas)

The Oil and Gas Delivery Vehicle Inspections mobile app provides helpful guidelines for performing visual inspections of motor vehicles that transport oil and gas. Instead of using paper inspection forms, the delivery truck inspection app manages everything electronically with a smartphone or tablet. The app tracks a variety of inspection items, including visual inspection of the storage tank, battery charge, piping system and gas cylinder condition. Notes can be added for areas that require maintenance and repairs, and the results are saved electronically for your records.

Using the electronic inspection report app for natural gas vehicles and oil delivery trucks can help reduce mechanical problems by making it easy to tell when corrective action or repairs are needed. The app is perfect for service stations, propane gas truck operators and for heating oil truck pre-trip inspections.

App Name

Home Depot Customer Survey

The Home Depot Customer Survey mobile app offers a helpful template for customer satisfaction surveys that can be customized for all types of hardware stores. Designed to help companies gauge customer loyalty and improve the customer experience, the customer satisfaction survey is easy to use and manage.

Retailers can deliver the survey via a smartphone or tablet, making it easy to get customer feedback on a variety of items. The app provides the survey in a simple one-page form that lists basic questions for the client and takes just a few minutes to complete.

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