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Inventory Tracking Sheet Mobile App

The Inventory Tracking Sheet mobile app allows you to precisely track your merchandise and materials promptly using a smartphone or tablet. Retail, manufacturing and any small business with inventory should use the app as part of your inventory management plan for inventory control and completing a physical inventory. The app includes location information of the items being tracked, the item number, a description for the item, quantities on hand, and the last date the item was inventoried. The app is also ideal for warehouse inventory records and warehouse management, basic inventory control and inventory reconciliation. GoCanvas can be used with barcode scanners to expedite inventory tracking.

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Retail Merchandise Inspection

The Retail Merchandise Inspection Mobile App helps simplify retail merchandise inspections by creating forms for merchandise consumer goods in grocery retailers and convenience stores. The retail store merchandiser can load the app on a mobile device and use it as they visit different sections of the store, such as the homegoods section, women's apparel and so on. At each location they can inspect and scan a list of products identified by their UPC (universal product code).

All of the information in the app – including the broker, store number, store name, total registers, and all the general merchandise details – is stored in the Cloud and emailed to the app user. A list of registers can be kept on the form itself so everything will be stored in the mobile device in an organized fashion. There are various ways to customize this application for individual merchandisers including listing planogram compliancy and number of facings.

This handy tool is helpful for those working in the retail industry, such as retail stores like department stores with lots of products. Also, sales floor representatives can carry around a mobile device with the app pulled up and inspect the products on a list. The inspection report is generated as soon as it is submitted – from there it is emailed to you and saved to the Cloud. This is a great way to get a quality inspection report without having to bring in an professional inspection company or deal with paperwork.

App Name

Sample Form

Welcome to GoCanvas - This sample form will automatically download onto users devices in order to help train them on using GoCanvas on their mobile device as well as walk users through the basic functionality of the GoCanvas Forms Builder.

App Name

Expense Report - Simple Version

The Expense Report mobile app offers a simple way to quickly document business expenses from anywhere in the field. Easily accessible from any smartphone or tablet, the travel expense app generates an easy to use report template that can be customized for your small business.

Use the expense management app to take a picture of receipts, add credit card details, note the date of the expenditure, add mileage and more. Once completed, the expense report template can be submitted electronically for prompt reimbursement.

App Name

LPG/Propane Delivery Receipt

The LPG and propane delivery receipt app makes it easy to generate delivery receipts for propane home delivery services. Designed for suburban propane delivery services and commercial LPG services, the app can be used to generate delivery receipts for propane tank deliveries, liquid propane top-offs, LPG gas services and more.

Instead of using paper forms for delivery receipts, the app offers a customized delivery receipt that is perfect for industrial users. The delivery receipts can be customized for express delivery services, liquid propane distributors and commercial LPG gas companies. Using the LPG and propane delivery receipt app can help natural gas and propane tank businesses stay organized. Having an electronic delivery receipt on hand for all commercial and suburban propane deliveries makes it easy to track the movement of these hazardous materials. The app tracks a variety of customer details, including bulk plant location, gas tank number and excise tax details.

App Name

Heating Oil Invoice

The Heating Oil Invoice form for home delivery services offers a simple way for any oil company to generate invoices from anywhere in the field. Easily accessible from any smartphone or tablet, the app tracks a variety of customer details and heating oil charges quickly and easily.

Use the heating oil invoice app to track the unit price or price per gallon of home heating oil delivered, customer account number, additional services rendered and more. Once completed, the electronic form is automatically saved for your records.

App Name

Computer List

The Computer List mobile app makes it possible to record information about your computer inventory using a smartphone or tablet. Perfect for any small or mid-sized business, the app makes inventory management quick and easy without the need for complicated inventory software.

Use the app to track all of your computer assets, including hardware inventory, software, network systems and more. The helpful inventory management template app covers the computer MAC address, serial number, installed software and other important details. Users can also add information about warranties and manufacturers for the most complete computer inventory.

App Name

Manifest Form

Use this Manifest Form Mobile App to quickly fill out a manifest delivery form digitally and in real time to speed up clearance and shipment for the transportation of your merchandise, as well as for manifest tracking through providing a tracking number and/or identification number. Customize this app to include specific customer and shipment details such as name and description of importing conveyance, identify ports of arrival and destination, phone number, mailing address, a bill of lading details and listing number of goods. For cargo manifest, use this app to conveniently complete the manifest form required to submit the manifest file at the transporter facility.

User can log in multiple items and certify by signing in the app. Do all of this and more using your favorite mobile device and from anywhere!

App Name

Daily Cash Report

A more efficient and affordable way to keep track of cash on hand in an office or establishment. This application allows you to customize what types of bills to keep track of as well as other forms of transactions including check or credit. The forms maintains the integrity of cash reports by recording the date, the person that submitted the report, and the person who authorized the report. A daily cash report of a business, or even for individual registers and cash-wraps, can now be made possible with the customization of this form with this application.

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