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Release of Responsibility - Mobile App

You can use this form when your customer wants you to supply and/or install something against your better judgment.

  • Lendlease
  • The Cooperative
  • PG&E
  • Toys R Us
  • Red Bull
  • Mirvac

Take a peek inside the Release of Responsibility - Mobile App

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Included Fields

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    Job Location:

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    Authority on Site

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  • Ico multiline

    Statement of Facts:

  • Ico statictext

    (Name) is hereby released and discharged from any and all liability and responsibility for any and all defects, damages, repairs, replacement and/or failure of the said work, present or future, for above-described reasons as stated in Statement of Facts above.

  • Ico textbox


  • Ico signature

    Agreed and Accepted:

  • Ico date


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    Authority Type

  • Ico textbox


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  • ...and More!

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Not all contractors are the same. The Hiring an HVAC Contractor Checklist mobile app provides a checklist of questions to consider asking when you interview potential contractors to work on your HVAC system. Want to edit your app but save the original. GoCanvas allows you to copy apps.

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Automatic Doors Commissioning Sequence Progress Checklist

The Automatic Doors Commissioning Sequence Progress Checklist mobile app allows automatic door installers and contractors to easily keep track of the whole commissioning process from start to finish. Perfect for installation of automatic garage doors and other types of automatic doors, the app tracks all the most important elements of the process to ensure you don't miss a thing. The app can be used for commercial door services and resident garage door installations.

Using a smartphone or tablet instead of paper forms, the user gets a comprehensive checklist of project milestones, starting from approval of shop drawings, to installation, functional testing and training, all the way down to contract completion. Use of the app helps ensure that all door services are performed as expected and that all safety device are in place prior to the door being used. It's the fastest and easiest way to manage garage door installation, along with revolving doors and other types of industrial door systems and residential garage doors.

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A/C Installation/Decommissioning Procedures

Use the Installing and Decommissioning Procedures for Air Conditioners guide when conducting such procedures for your air conditioning unit.

The installation procedures include tools, sizing the unit, condensing the unit, leak detection, and mounting. Proper installation will ensure energy savings and less energy consumption. The decommissioning procedures include relocating the unit and system evacuation. Correct decommission will create less of an environmental impact.

This is app is available for an iPhone, iPad, Android device, and the Windows desktop. Your air conditioning systems' information is always accessible on the GoCanvas Cloud and can be printed as a PDF for your records.

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Wood Floors Installation Invoice

This Wood Floors Installation Invoice mobile app can be tailored to meet your floor installing businesses needs. Available on any smart phone or tablet, the app captures customer and job site details as well as description of products and services. It also calculates the total amount due for the hardwood flooring installation and has customer signature capture fields for acceptance and certification of services rendered.

Information recorded in the app could include details about the wood products used for the floor installation such as laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, or cherry hardwood flooring. Other service detail examples might by any manufacturing defects, information about floor joists, etc.

Another great paperless solution to try is our

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Estimate Sheet - Construction Programs & Results

The Construction Estimate Sheet for Contractors is a simple tool for use by a specialty or general contractor to compile a cost estimate for a construction project.

Using this cost estimating software will help you prevent missed items and ensure the correct project cost. The fully-customizable app allows you to search by item, the materials required, and the labor costs to complete installation. You can also input a customer's information, as well as the date of the estimate. The data from the tool can ensure all necessary information to create any construction contracts.

Because the app can be used on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows desktop device, you can share all construction costs with your customer. The forms can be saved to the GoCanvas Cloud as well as a PDF file so you can easily save and find files where needed. This will help if you need to share the information with independent contractors or anyone else in the construction industry.

If you are looking for a standard estimate sheet, be sure to check out our popular Estimate Sheet Deluxe app.

App Name

Roofing Notice of Differing Site Conditions

Construction site project managers, general contractors and roofing subcontractors can use the Roofing Notice of Differing Site Conditions mobile app on a Smartphone or tablet to notify the property owner and general contractor of differing construction project conditions not mentioned in the original construction contract. This app acts as a preliminary notice to owner. The differing conditions may make it necessary for the roofing subcontractor to suspend the roofing work for a period of time during which additional equipment will be required. The roofing subcontractor should also submit a notice of commencement once work resumes on the project. When the roofing subcontractor has sufficient information to evaluate the total impact of the condition on the construction project, the roofing subcontractor will submit a notice to owner and the project manager for additional compensation relating to the increased direct costs and potential inefficiency, disruption, rescheduling, acceleration, subcontractor employee overtime, overmanning, stacking of trades, dilution of supervision, cumulative impact, and any other impact costs as well as extended overhead and equipment costs for the problem and related delay due to the differing site condition. Once the roofing subcontractor has completed their work per the construction contract a final notice of completion should be submitted for final payment.

The Notice of Differing Site Conditions mobile app was developed for independent subcontractors, general contractors and construction site project managers. The app generates a PDF of the construction notice that can be emailed and easily saved for your subcontractor records. The GoCanvas App store offers a large selection of free mobile apps for the construction industry.

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Test Kit Documentation Form - Conforme

Easily keep track of all your test kit results. This app allows you to record the following information right on your mobile device: Owner Information (name, address, contact details), Renovation Information (address, certified firm name and details), Test Kit Information (manufacturer, model, manufacture date and lot number) and Test Kit Documentation Form Component Sheets (test location number, test kit used, description of component, and whether lead is present).

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Waterproofer Notice of Access Delay

General contractors, waterproofer subcontractors and construction project managers can use the Waterproofer Notice of Access Delay mobile app with a mobile a device to create a preliminary notice to owner stating that the independent contractor’s access on the construction site has been impeded. The scheduled waterproofer work cannot be performed as scheduled and sequenced per the original construction contract. The access delay will affect completion of the subcontracted work. The app allows the waterproofer subcontractor to provide and update the construction project manager and direct contractor. The app also serves to inform the general contractor and property owner of additional subcontractor costs due to delays in the project schedule. Until there is a resolution the waterproofer subcontractor cannot properly estimate final payment adjustments to the original construction contract relating to added time and construction costs . The app serves to request an extension of time for each day that waterproofer subcontractor’s access to the critical area/equipment is denied on the property. The waterproofer subcontractor agrees to expedite work in order to meet the deadlines of original contract and get the construction project back on track.

The GoCanvas App store offers a large collection of mobile apps designed for the construction industry. All GoCanvas Store Apps are available for free with a GoCanvas Subscription . The Notice of Access Delay was developed for independent subcontractors. The app produces a PDF that is easy to share for your construction records. The GoCanvas App store contains a huge assortment of mobile apps used in the construction industry.

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