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Safety Inspection-Lockout and Tagout Mobile App

"The Safety Inspection Lockout and Tagout mobile app is used to track safety procedures related to ensuring that industrial machinery is properly shut off and not restarted until maintenance or servicing work has been completed. Lockout and tagout procedures (also known as loto procedures), require energy isolation for hazardous power sources before equipment and machinery repairs are started. Using the loto procedures app helps ensure that workers have a clear process for dealing with dangerous machinery and simplifies loto procedures according to OSHA standards, and the health and safety requirements of the job site.

A critical element to any occupational safety and health process, the lock and tag app is an important tool designed to protect the health and safety of those who work around industrial machinery and equipment. Instead of relying on paper checklists for OSHA lockout inspections, this easy to use app makes it easy to stay on track with your construction site's loto program. The app helps you make sure workers have a clear process for dealing with dangerous machinery and is a helpful tool in improving occupational safety and health. Easily accessible from any smartphone or tablet, the app comes with date, time and signature capture, and can be easily customized to meet your company's needs."

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Included Features

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Included Fields

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  • Ico statictext This checklist applies to general industry workplaces
  • Ico checkbox Have you established a written program consisting of energy control procedures, training, and periodic inspections for servicing and maintaining machinery or equipment where the release of stored energy or unexpected energizing could cause injury to an employee?
  • Ico checkbox Do your procedures clearly outline the scope, purpose, authorization, rules and techniques to be used in controlling hazardous energy?
  • Ico checkbox Does your lockout/tagout program include a means to enforce compliance?
  • Ico checkbox Have your employees who are authorized to use lockout/tagout been trained on the procedures?
  • Ico checkbox Do you retrain your employees on lockout/tagout when their job assignments change, machinery or processes change and present a new hazard, or procedures change?
  • Ico checkbox Is all machinery or equipment, where unexpected energizing or release of stored energy could cause injury to an employee, locked out or tagged out during servicing or maintenance?
  • Ico checkbox Are employees required to remove or bypass a guard or safety device during servicing and maintenance of any equipment or machinery?
  • Ico checkbox Are employees required to place any part of their body into an area on a machine or piece of equipment where work is actually performed upon the material being processed (point of operation) or where an associated danger zone exists during a machine operating cycle?
  • Ico checkbox When doing service or maintenance work on cord and plug connected machinery or equipment is the plug under the exclusive control of the employee performing the work?
  • Ico checkbox Have you identified procedures for the following?
  • Ico checkbox Affixing lockout/tagout devices to energy isolating devices to disable machinery or equipment and prevent unexpected energizing?
  • Ico checkbox Shutting down, isolating, blocking, and securing machinery and equipment?
  • Ico checkbox Placing, removing, and transferring of lockout/tagout devices?
  • Ico checkbox Determining the effectiveness of the lockout/tagout devices?
  • Ico checkbox Do you instruct your employees to lock equipment and machinery out at the main power disconnects?
  • Ico checkbox Does the lockout/tagout procedure require that stored (potential) energy be released or blocked before equipment is locked-out for repairs?
  • Ico checkbox Do your procedures identify how affected employees will be notified that machinery or equipment is being locked out or that lockout devices are being removed?
  • Ico checkbox Have you identified procedures to be used for removing a lockout/tagout device when the employee who placed it is not available?
  • Ico checkbox Are appropriate employees provided with individually keyed personal safety locks that identify the user?
  • Ico checkbox Are your lockout and tagout devices standardized by color, shape, or size?
  • Ico checkbox Are employees required to maintain exclusive control of their keys while they have safety locks in use?
  • Ico checkbox Do you require employees to check the safety of the lockout by attempting to start up after making sure no one is exposed?
  • Ico statictext When the power-disconnecting means does not also disconnect the electrical control circuit
  • Ico checkbox Are appropriate electrical enclosures identified?
  • Ico checkbox Are means provided to ensure the control circuit can also be disconnected and locked out?
  • Ico checkbox Do you have an authorized person perform a periodic inspection of your energy control procedures at least annually?
  • Ico checkbox Do you certify that the periodic inspections have been conducted?
  • ...and More!

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  • Android: Safety Inspection-Lockout and Tagout Mobile App (Example 1)
  • Android: Safety Inspection-Lockout and Tagout Mobile App (Example 2)

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