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Tarp Roof Covering Preparation Checklist Mobile App

Regardless of which covering will be installed on your buildings roof, the success or failure of the job, and your safety, will often be determined by the preparation and understanding of the task ahead. Use the Tarp Roof Covering Preparation Checklist mobile apps checklist BEFORE you actually rolling out your cover.

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    The following is a checklist BEFORE you actually rolling out your cover.

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    The top edge of your ridge should have been checked for roughness when you were installing it.

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    If your building is longer than 12’ the ridge will have one (or more) connectors.

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    If your wirelock channel was not installed continuously over the crest, this edge should also be ...

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    If your building includes roll-up side walls, the mechanism for securing the cover at the top of ...

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    You will require a ladder (or other elevating device) for comfortably reaching the peak at BOTH e...

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    Your covering fasteners for the sides should be distributed along the sides (tucked against the b...

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    Walk along the side of the building where you will unroll your cover.

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    Four (or more) people to install the cover are advisable if you have never done this before.

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    The effect of wind, even a breeze, will be magnified by the size of your cover.

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    If your ends are to be covered with tarp you MUST do the ends before the roof.

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    If you have a relatively short building, spending the time to mark the centre of your tarp (for t...

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