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HSE Construction: Personal Hygiene and Health Surveillance (UK) Mobile App

The HSE Construction: Personal Hygiene and Health Surveillance mobile app was designed to help increase occupational health and safety at construction sites. Industrial hygiene is important at construction sites, where exposure to hazardous materials and chemicals can cause issues with construction worker health. Practicing proper hand washing, keeping personal protective equipment in good condition and managing personal hygiene are all keys to keeping workers safe while on the job. The construction health report is accessible from any location, making it easy to keep construction workers safe. The occupational health and safety app can also be customized to meet your health and safety policy.

With this helpful construction health PDF app, which is accessible from any smartphone or tablet, it's easy to track hygiene practices and improve occupational safety at every job site or building. The industrial hygiene app covers a variety of construction health and safety areas, including good personal hygiene practices, lead exposure and safety management and other important areas that can impact construction worker health and well-being.

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    Substances can also be a hazard to health when they are transferred from workers’ hands onto food...

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    In cases where clothing may become contaminated, people should change out of this clothing before...

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    Make sure those at risk know the hazards.

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    Make sure as few people as possible are exposed to hazardous substances by excluding people not d...

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    Further details of COSHH requirements, including the text of the Regulations themselves, are give...

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    Sometimes workers’ health can be protected by checking for early signs of illness.

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    Where appropriate, arrangements should be made for workers to have regular examinations by an occ...

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