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The Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients with Pain mobile app is a tool for clinicians to help determine how much monitoring a patient on long-term opioid therapy might require. Physicians remain reluctant to prescribe opioid medication because of concerns about opioid abuse, misuse, and other aberrant medication-related behaviors, as well as liability and censure concerns. Despite recent findings suggesting that most patients are able to successfully remain on long-term opioid therapy without significant problems, physicians often express a lack of confidence in their ability to distinguish patients likely to have few problems on long-term opioid therapy from those requiring more monitoring for their pain management needs.

This opioid risk assessment tool can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Any opioid treatment is saved on the GoCanvas Cloud and can be printed or email as a PDF if you need to send it to a primary care physician or to keep for your records.

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    The following are some questions given to all patients at a pain management center who are on or ...

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    Scale: 0=Never 1=Seldom 2=Sometimes 3=Often 4=Very often

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    A score of 7 or higher is considered positive.

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    What does the cutoff score mean?

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