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Culinary Catering: Catering Site Evaluation Mobile App

During a visit to a catering facility use the Culinary Catering: Catering Site Evaluation mobile app to evaluate the facility using a smartphone or tablet. The app provides a series of detailed evaluation questions specific to catering facilities. GoCanvas makes it easy to find data by searchable submissions.

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    Directions During a visit to a catering facility, answer these questions.

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    1. Catering company name:

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    2. Name of catering manager:

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    List any menu ideas that you find interesting.

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    Identify pieces of equipment that are unfamiliar to you.

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    List the types of functions held at this site.

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    What forms need to be completed by the catering manager?

  • Ico multiline

    What techniques does this site use to set the mood for each event?

  • Ico multiline

    What sanitation practices are necessary to ensure customer food safety?

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    How does this company hire and maintain staff for small and large events?

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    List three things you learned on this field trip.

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    List one new idea that can be used in a school-based catering program.

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    List two things to include in a thank-you note to the catering company/catering manager.

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