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Rock Plant: Large Diameter Cyclone Inspection Mobile App

Use the Rock Plant: Large Diameter Cyclone Inspection mobile app to complete one checklist for each cyclone. Complete the app and indicate that each inspection item was inspected and whether the requirements were met. (Note: observations and data do not provide conclusive evidence of noncompliance with mass emission standards (a stack test is required); these can be used as surrogate indicators of compliance.) GoCanvas runs as a thick client on your mobile device, and is called the "GoCanvas Smart Client".

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    Complete one checklist for each cyclone.

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    Inspection Items and Requirements

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    Method 9 observation of stack for a sufficient period to fully characterize conditions during nor...

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    Method 9 observation of any fugitive emissions from process equipment and material handling opera...

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    Presence of accumulated dust in the vicinity of the stack; accumulated solids near stack generall...

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    Presence of obvious holes and dents in cyclone shell; can disrupt gas vortex and cause increases ...

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    Air filtration sites on cyclone shell, cyclone hopper, solids discharge valve, and inlet ductwork

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    Obvious corrosion of cyclone

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    Static pressure drop across the cyclone as indicated by onsite gauge; static pressure provides in...

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    Results and Comments

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