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Sales Client / Prospect Contact Log Mobile App

Every sales person should use the Prospective Customer Management Log mobile app on their iPhone, iPad, or Android Device to document all customer interactions with prospective clients.

Using this simple tool will help you create a customer relationship with new customers, as well as existing customers. The mobile app is perfect for sales representatives in financial services, real estate, and the pharmaceutical industry.

You can also rest assured that all the information you enter will be available on the GoCanvas Cloud whenever you need it. You can also print the information as a PDF. These features help ensure quality customer experiences as you and other sales representatives build a customer base.

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HVAC - Customer Satisfaction Survey

The HVAC - Customer Satisfaction Survey mobile app is a basic customer satisfaction survey that is tailored for the HVAC services industry. Track details about your HVAC customers and let them answer questions based on their satisfaction with your HVAC company using any smartphone or tablet. The app comes preloaded with basic HVAC marketing questions, or you can customize it with your own questions to meet your needs.

If you own an HVAC business or work for an HVAC company that wants to grow, the best way to gauge how customers feel about your services and HVAC products is to ask them! HVAC technicians and HVAC business managers have the perfect opportunity to do so - while wrapping up the final invoice and collecting payment form the customer. With the HVAC services app that work for commercial customers or residential heating and air conditioning clients, simply hand the customer your mobile device and let them fill out the customer satisfaction survey themselves, or ask them the questions directly and enter the input electronically. It's the easiest way for HVAC contractors and others in the HVAC industry to learn more about how their services are perceived and to make course corrections in order to improve the business. The app maintains an electronic record of all surveys. Track survey responses by service type, including replacement of heat pumps, installation of air conditioners or HVAC maintenance in commercial buildings.

You might also be interested in our HVAC detailed equipment proposal value printing app.

App Name

HVAC Work/Service Form with Mobile Payment Option

This is a mobile app HVAC service invoice that can easily be tailored or customized for your HVAC service business. This mobile app tracks all necessary items for a HVAC service form. Basic job information is tracked along with product serial numbers, customer information, customer's equipment, parts used, description of work, final check before the job is complete, recommendations, call information, and all charges and costs. The charges and costs screen handles all calculations while displaying parts and labor subtotals and final customer charges - including all sales tax. Best of all? This app has been equipped to accept credit card payments on the spot! No more invoicing - get paid immediately! Use the Dispatch feature to assign jobs to mobile technicians.

App Name

Credit Card Application

This mobile application provides a credit card application used by a HVAC company - for their clients to sign up for a VISA. However, this application provides a base for any company wishing to use a credit card application mobile business app and hopes to customize for their specific customers' needs. The application tracks clients basic information, home information, and employment information (all necessary for a basic credit card application). Many fields are required so the application will not go through without certain specific details typed in.

The app is fully customizable so you can modify it to cover any sort of credit application topics you need, including but not limited to credit approval, monthly payments, financing options, credit application, special financing, apr for purchases, cash advance, you name it. This credit card application app is quick and easy-to-use. With approved credit, you can use this application to get on the path of getting your own VISA credit card in no time.

App Name

Roost.COM (Real Estate Survey)

This survey is aimed at potential buyers of a house. The survey asks for their opinion on a house, based on a 1-5 scale, which can then be aggregated to serve as a measure of the house's salability and overall condition. The form also allows for photos of the house to be attached to the survey, which servies to bolster the rating which a buyer has assigned to a certain house.

App Name

Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

The Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet Mobile App records basic information about volunteers for any organization or movement. This includes the name of the volunteer, the date of birth of the volunteer (in lieu of age), contact information, and the volunteer's address. Each form can be used by the volunteer coordinator to record multiple volunteers. The volunteer sign up sheet can be used on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Since the registration form can always be accessed through the GoCanvas Cloud, you can easily access any volunteer signup at any time. You can also print or email the volunteer service list to other people within your volunteer program if you want to use the same people for any future volunteer opportunity.

App Name

Pledge Collection

This collection form logs pledges given by individuals for political campaigns, non-profit organizations, and other groups. A single form can log multiple pledges, recording basic information about the pledger (e.g. name, phone number, address, etc.) and the amount that has been pledged. Once the pledges have been secured the amount actually donated by the pledger can then be recorded again to cross-check for any discrepancies between the amount pledged and the amount actually given.

App Name

Experian Credit Report

A sample credit report form used by customers of Experian who are looking for their personal credit report.

App Name

Diabetes Tracking Log (once a day version)

This version of the form is sent just once a day. A form for diabetics to track a multitude of different important items including insulin taken, glucose levels. The Diabetes Tracking Form application will ensure the date and time are properly recorded for personal and professional use and nothing will be forgotten. An easy to use application will improve a patients willingness to provide and track all medically relevant information.

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