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Mosquito Abatement Guidelines Mobile App

The Mosquito Abatement Guidelines mobile app is a quick and easy way to inspect and assess for mosquito abatement. This app is customizable an can be modified for you particular environment or conditions. GoCanvas allows you to use a "List" function so that you don’t have to create a lot of identical screens. In your app.

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Included Fields

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    Operator/individual must be trained and licensed.

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    Mosquito control equipment must be inspected before and after each use.

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    Use only EPA registered products.

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    Read chemical labels and follow in detail manufacturer’s directions for use.

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    When using new equipment and/or chemical, rely on distributor or manufacturer to provide addition...

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    Use required personal protective equipment.

  • Ico checkbox

    Document all phases of the procedure, including dates, times, weather/wind conditions, and other ...

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    Discontinue the procedure immediately in the event of an accident, incident, weather change, equi...

  • Ico checkbox

    Immediately investigate all incidents, complaints, or accidents and document the investigation an...

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    Promptly inform of any incidents/accidents.

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