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RV Manual: Water Heater Storage & Draining Mobile App

When not using your RV, it's a good idea to drain the water from the water heater tank. Over time, water quality can degrade which can permanently contaminate the lining of the water heater tank. Also, draining the water heater during cold weather helps avoid damage from freezing. Use the RV Manual: Water Heater Storage & Draining app to properly drain the water heater. GoCanvas offers a pay as you go plan.

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    When not using the unit, drain the water from the water heater tank.

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    To Drain the Water Heater:

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    Turn off power to the water heater at the switch or the main breaker.

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    Shut off the gas supply and the water pump.

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    Open all fixtures, both hot and cold throughout the unit.

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    Remove/open the exterior access door to the water heater.

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    Remove the drain plug (or anode rod if equipped) from the tank.

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    Open the pressure relief valve to allow air in and water will drain out tank.

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