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Warehouse: Cleaning Area Checklist Mobile App

Having equipment in good condition and a clean work space is very important when it comes to warehouse operations. Employees should feel safe, and there should be cleared paths for warehouse staff to move items around the floor. Storage areas should be organized and routine cleaning procedures should be in place for standard operating procedures.

The Warehouse Cleaning Area Checklist mobile app details workstations, equipment, the condition of the items to be inspected and inspection responsibilities. Easily accessible from any smartphone or tablet, this digital version of a warehouse cleaning checklist form helps ensure that all industrial warehouse locations receive the right cleaning services.

Whether you are responsible for warehouse operations or provide janitorial cleaning management for a chain of warehouse locations, the Warehouse Cleaning Area Checklist mobile app makes it easy to create detailed checklists.

Checklists can be customized by warehouse managers to suit all commercial cleaning needs, including inspections of concrete floors, cleaning equipment, tile cleaning and more. An easy to use tool for any bonded warehouse, the app helps ensure that all professional cleaning and housekeeping needs are met. By following the checklist and utilizing effective cleaning solutions throughout your business, you can help ensure that you always have a clean warehouse.

Want a PDF of the completed cleaning checklist? Upon submission, a PDF of the warehouse cleaning report is stored in the GoCanvas Cloud. This is an easy way to keep all checklists for your facility organized.

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