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Self-Talk Inventory Mobile App

The Self-Talk Inventory mobile app was designed as a helpful tool to look at stressful situations, and to start using positive self-talk to help relieve the associated stress. Using a smartphone or tablet, the self-talk worksheet helps you identify areas where you use negative self-talk and guides you through a process to help you develop mental toughness and eliminate the behavior and negative thoughts.

This form is good for students, athletes and people who want to hone mental skills to improve their attitude. Take time with the checklist to conduct a personal self-assessment, set goals for managing your reaction to relationships and work and gain insight into your personality.

Using practices used by psychology experts, learn to look at both the positive and negative side of issues to help take control of your mental health. Learn how to change a negative mindset to a positive one, reduce stress levels and build a healthy self-esteem.

Take this app with you everywhere, and turn your negative self-talk to positive and watch your anxiety levels drop and your work performance improve!

All your information is saved securely to the GoCanvas cloud for access to the form anytime you are connected.

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Included Fields

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    Finding a more positive way to look at a situation can help relieve associated stress.

  • Ico checkbox

    I've never done this before.

  • Ico checkbox

    It's too difficult/complicated.

  • Ico checkbox

    I don't have enough time to to do this.

  • Ico checkbox

    I don't have the necessary experience or skill.

  • Ico checkbox

    It's too big a change.

  • Ico checkbox

    No one tells me anything.

  • Ico checkbox

    I'll never understand how to do this.

  • Ico checkbox

    I'll never be able to learn how to manage my stress.

  • Ico checkbox

    It's an opportunity to learn a a new skill.

  • Ico checkbox

    I'll take it one step at a time or look at it from a different angle.

  • Ico checkbox

    I can re-evaluate my priorities to find time.

  • Ico checkbox

    I'll find people who can help me.

  • Ico checkbox

    I'll take a chance.

  • Ico checkbox

    I'll take the first step in communicating with others.

  • Ico checkbox

    I'll give it one more try.

  • Ico checkbox

    I'm going to try to learn how to manage my stress one step at a time.

  • Ico multiline

    Another positive alternative

  • ...and More!

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