Getting to Know Canvas

The Perils of Paper the Impact on Your Business


Canvas will recoup a huge chunk of the time your business is wasting with paper forms

  • Lost or Damaged forms

  • Illegible Handwriting

  • Storage & Access

  • Slow to Share

  • No Analytics


Revolutionize your work! Convert all of your paper forms to Canvas Apps and do even more.

  • Data collected electronically is much easier to read
  • Required fields prevent users from skipping fields
  • Electronic forms are much less susceptible to being lost or damaged

Canvas automatically creates a private, secure, searchable database just for you

Data is sent back to the office right away so your business keeps moving

So what is Canvas?

App Builder

On our website, use our drag and drop tool that allows you to build your own mobile apps and edit them anytime. No programming or coding required!

Assign the app to your Mobile Users


  • Image Capture

  • Signature

  • GPS

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Calculations

  • Mobile Payments

  • No matter where your users are, they will always have the most up-to-date form available!
  • Create as many mobile apps as your business needs at no additional cost.

Mobile Experience

All users can install Canvas on their mobile devices by going to

  1. Launch a specific form

  2. Fill it out

  3. Email it to customers or colleagues as a PDF!

  4. Once you are done, click submit

Where is my data?

Log onto and click on the Submissions tab

All of your completed Submissions (forms) are available and searchable online

  • Search and edit your data

  • Integrate with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote and export information as CSV or download PDFs

  • Store as much information as you want in the cloud

PDF Designer

  • Create amazing PDFs from the data you collect in Canvas.
  • Customize layouts, colors and fonts and other elements like links, pictures and social media.
  • Make powerful reports, receipts and other documents for your customers and employees.

Overview of Canvas Site

Manage your Canvas account. From our website

  • Edit/build Canvas apps

  • Assign apps to users

  • Add and manage your users

  • Make beautiful PDFs with our PDF Designer

This is just the beginning

Advanced Features

  • Dispatch
    Assign jobs via Canvas

  • Workflow
    Route apps around your organization

  • Reference Data
    Upload price lists or customer lists

  • API/Web Services
    Connect your system to Canvas

  • Edit Your Data
    On the web or on your mobile device

  • Analyze Your Data
    Excel integration with Canvas Connect

  • Manage your Users
    Integrate with Active Directory or LDAP server

What you get

  • Build as many Canvas apps as you want
  • Fully edit/customize your Canvas apps
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Manage advanced workflows electronically

Impact on your business?

  • Happier Staff
    Streamlined processes, time saved, cool technology

  • Happier Customers
    Speedy service, fewer errors

  • Happier Shareholders and Owners
    Accelerated cash flows

  • Happier Environment
    Save those trees!

Going paperless will save you time, reduce your administrative costs, and improve your customer service.

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