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Check out the latest news on how small businesses are using mobile technology to streamline their processes and increase their bottom line. Browse from over 20+ industry specific Ebooks like "4 Ways Technology Helps Retailers Thrive in the Modern Marketplace", that cover how technology can change the way that you do business. Or choose from more general business guides like "The Guide on Collecting and Using Business Information". The best part is there is a guide for everyone, no matter the industry or size of your company

Launch Your Business with Mobile Payments

Paypal Here, the business division of Paypal, seamlessly integrates with GoCanvas Mobile Apps to allow small businesses to effortlessly capture customer information and process payment in real-time. Setting up your Paypal Here account is absolutely free, and it can integrate with your GoCanvas account in under 5 minutes. The best part is that this feature is completely free to all GoCanvas users, and you can try it during your free, 30-day trial. We will even send you a couple card swipers for free.


GoCanvas is extremely excited to be a part of the Small Business Technology Coalition. The SBA's leadership and values of promoting small business growth through technology aligns perfectly with the mission of GoCanvas. We look forward to showing you the tools and technology, such as the GoCanvas platform, that can make your small business a success for decades to come.

– James Quigley, GoCanvas CEO

We believe in providing our clients and partners with the best training and educational tools available so that their businesses can thrive. We offer free, interactive webinars on how you can start streamlining your businesses by going paperless.

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