GoCanvas ROI Tool

See the Savings Possible with GoCanvas

Just the Basics

1. How many employees fill out information on forms (or would need to capture data with GoCanvas)?

The Cost of Paper

2. Do you fill out paper forms?
3. How many paper forms do each of your employees fill out a day?
4. What do you pay per form?
5. Total daily cost of paper

GoCanvas is often priced below what a typical company spends on buying paper forms, not to mention the impact that office paper has on the environment.

Time Spent Delivering Paper Forms

6. Average hourly salary of field workers
7. Hours per day delivering forms
8. Total daily cost of form delivery

Form delivery is often one of the most expensive components of paperwork and manual processes. GoCanvas eliminates these costs.

Time Spent Manually Entering Data

9. How much do you pay (per hour) to enter data captured via paperwork into your back office?
10. How many hours a day are spent entering paperwork into your back office or accessing paper based forms?
11. Total daily cost of manual data entry

If you plan on pushing data collected from GoCanvas directly into your back office software, GoCanvas can eliminate 100% of that very manual process. Don't forget the cost of hard to read paperwork, or even having to pull that paperwork afterwards to confirm information.

Time Spent Fixing Incorrect Forms and Tracking Down Information

12. How many hours a day are spent by your data entry specialist tracking down info and/or fixing errors?
13. Total daily cost of fixing errors and tracking down information

GoCanvas will eliminate the time spent tracking down missing or incomplete information and trying to decipher handwritten data and information.

Time Spent Calculating Costs and Looking For Data

14. How many hours per day are spent by each of your mobile workers looking up information in Parts Catalogs, Patient Files, Price Books, Tax Lists, Delivery Schedules?
15. Total daily time savings

GoCanvas will save you a large percentage of the time spent doing manual calculations and looking up data that would normally have been in paper-based customer lists, product catalogs and price lists.

Job Write-Offs

16. How much business do you write off because of lost, damaged or illegible paperwork each week?

Many businesses that lose important documents like work orders and invoices have to write these costs off. GoCanvas eliminates this issue and helps you recoup this lost revenue.

Soft Savings to Consider

17. Are efforts to improve your company's going green initiatives important to you and your company?
18. Is the ability to access real time data from the field important to you or your company?
19. GoCanvas does the math for your workers, eliminating errors. Is this important to you and your company?
20. GoCanvas can collect information not possible on paper (e.g., the actual time of events, GPS locations, photos, payment capture) and give you advanced functionality to Dispatch forms to employees and improve collaboration. Are these features important to you and your company?

In addition to helping organizations recoup lost revenue and save time, GoCanvas enables businesses to realize a variety of soft savings that may or may not be able to be directly measured, but can be extremely valuable.

Summary of Impact & ROI

Yearly Savings*

*assumes 260 work days in a year

Paper Costs

$ 52,000

Form Delivery

$ 520,000

Data Entry

Data Tracking/Correction

$ 10,400

Time Savings

$ 5,200

Write-off Elimiinated

$ 260,000

Total Savings In A Year

$ 75,000

Cost of GoCanvas*

*based on our most popular, Business plan

Annual Cost Per User

$ 480

Total Annual Cost
Number of Hours Saved


Yearly ROI

$ 799,600

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  •   Collecting Data Not Possible on Paper?

How much is your time worth to you? GoCanvas gives you back your time to improve productivity, complete more jobs, get paid faster, increase compliance and take your business to the next level.