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GoCanvas Business Insights is now included in our Professional Plan

Why GoCanvas Business Insights?

Ever wondered which sales person is the top performer, where most field repairs are done, when payments were processed and many more everyday questions about your business?

With GoCanvas Business Insights, frontline operational data is unlocked so this information can be at your fingertips, fast. Now you can see all the moving parts across your business, in real-time.

How does it work?

GoCanvas Business Insights takes the data collected in the GoCanvas App by your workforce and utilizes Excel to configure and display the information any way you desire. In the past, business intelligence like this was only available to the largest companies.

Now, GoCanvas puts it into the hands of all businesses, small or large. Learn how to use GoCanvas Business Insights by clicking here

What does it do?

GoCanvas Business Insights lets you:

  • Build your ideal dashboard: organize your metrics any way you’d like
  • Access the data you care about most, when you need it
  • Get the big picture in real-time, from across the organization

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