Best Construction Work Log & Time Tracking Apps

By Nick Mirisis on December 3, 2019
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Top Work Log Apps to Save Time and Money

In any business, delivering quality work on schedule can make or break your professional reputation. This is particularly true in the construction industry where planning and tracking a project is paramount to a well-run build. It’s important for a construction manager to

  • Work efficiently to save money and time
  • Follow daily reminders and a To-Do list
  • Track workers’ productivity and progress
  • Create documentation for clients and lenders
  • Accurately log billable hours

Construction Work Log Apps

The Importance of CPM Scheduling in Construction Projects

The heart of a well-designed construction build is a Construction Project Management (CPM) plan. Created during the bidding for the job, this plan breaks down the significant stages of a build and provides a methodology to implement them. This plan helps win the bid and must be followed throughout the build. Every strong CPM clarifies each section of a build and then breaks down the activity by expense and time. By working with manageable tasks, the project will run smoothly. Needless to say, a poorly designed CPM will result in change orders, additional costs, extended timelines and safety risks.

Choosing the Best Time-Tracking Software

CPM scheduling has many facets, and these are difficult to track during a build using paper-based processes. A work log mobile app for business will help a manager from the first groundbreaking to the final walk-though. Digital templates track the progress of a CPM plan, making it easier to stay in compliance with a timeline and maintain a current payment schedule.

The highly-rated GoCanvas mobile app for logging work is the obvious choice for construction professionals such as general contractors, contractors, and project managers who design and implement a project. This affordable digital tool provides the flexibility to customize a template with drop-and-drag features. Foremen can dispatch their goals directly to project leaders and group supervisors who are leading teams of carpenters, truck drivers, welders, and other trade specialists. This creates stronger communication channels throughout the build.

What Does a CPM Tracking App Do?

At GoCanvas, we provide construction companies with pre-built templates that can be easily customized to meet your companies or even a project’s specific requirements. Our high-productivity software is designed for on-the-job people, not coders. A user can quickly learn how to use GoCanvas apps, and they can be accessed as a desktop app or from the convenience of multiple mobile devices, such as an iPhone, tablet or Android. Here are some key features that people love about our work tracking apps:

  • Records construction progress with photos
  • Converts data to a PDF or Excel document
  • Captures relevant signatures
  • Expedites communication with Dispatch and Workflow features

Construction Project Issue Tracking Form  

One of the strengths of CPM scheduling is the identification of the Critical Path that contains sequential activities, which are dependent upon the completion of earlier activities, and parallel tasks, which can be performed simultaneously. This first-class, work-tracking software will monitor these different tasks, increase productivity and help you move forward with an effective to-do list.

The benefits of a tracking software include:

  • Holistic view of a project’s tasks and progress
  • Identify bottlenecks and potential delays 

Best Mobile Work Log Apps

Daily Work Log

Once the Critical Path is identified, the plan schedules time for delays since construction is dependent upon uncontrollable factors, such as permit issuance, and labor and material shortages. For this reason, a strong CPM pads each stage with “float” time. If this additional cushion of time is used, it will not affect the final completion date. Weather is a common reason for delays on a construction project, so this best-selling app emphasizes the progress of the project, as well as temperature and precipitation.

Management loves this mobile app because of its ability to:

  • Provide critical inputs to the project’s schedule
  • Implement strong inventory tracking

Job Site Daily Log

Since building projects require a high level of multitasking, construction professionals always appreciate extra help. Organization is the name of the game with this mobile work log app for business. Managers and employees alike enjoy this digital tool that replaces tedious paper timesheets.

Additional benefits include:

  • Organization of Day-to-Day Details, Including Contractor and Sub-Contractor Work
  • Track Material and Equipment Deliveries
  • Track Inspections
  • Note Issues and Special Events

Timesheet Detail Log

After tasks have been delegated, the employee time tracking app can monitor a workers’ progress. This enhanced feedback will improve budget-keeping, timeline updates, and project reporting. Making it easier to measure a team’s productivity by tracking their work habits.

This app provides:

  • Tracks Employee Time by Project and by Day
  • Automatically Tabulates Weekly Totals
  • Employee can Email Daily and Weekly Timecards Directly to the Office

Integrative Software Solutions

Whether you run a local construction company or are a national outfit, these tracker apps are key to improving project management, controlling costs and reducing lags in data from the field to the office. GoCanvas outshines its competitors by offering many pre-built, easy-to-use templates designed specifically for construction companies.