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Behavioral Health Appointment Note Mobile App

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This ClinicTracker application template allows a therapist, clinician, social worker, or mobile-treatment specialist the ability to fill out an appointment note during or after a face-to-face visit with a client. The application includes the ability to:

1) View demographic information
2) View service & medication history
3) Enter appointment details
4) Record a progress note
5) Collect patient signature to indicate the client’s presence at the event

Using the ClinicTracker/Canvas Sync Utility, these submissions will be automatically imported into the main ClinicTracker database where they will be included in the patient’s chart and converted to insurance claims within the billing system.

When integrated to JAG Product's ClinicTracker EHR, customers can realize the full value of an application such as this. Click the "Creator" link above to see all of our apps and learn more.

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