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Release Notes: Submission Status and LDAP Authentication

Two new features that can make a huge impact, click here to learn more!

By Joe Baldwin on July 27, 2015

How the NFL Could Ensure Total Compliance with Its Football Inflation Inspection Procedures

The NFL recently introduced new procedures for inspecting the inflation level of footballs before games. Here's how Canvas could help ensure compliance. 

By Jason Peck on July 27, 2015

Using Technology for Mine Safety and Training

Mine safety and training of workers is critical to any operation. But how can technology help? Find out. 

By Michael Benedict on July 23, 2015

How Retailers Are Getting Ahead With Technology Today

Retailers today are using technology — including mobile payments — to 
keep up with customers. Infographic on what competitors are using to get 

By Michael Benedict on July 16, 2015

How The Co-operative Group Has Increased Productivity with Paperless Retail Audits and Canvas

Here's how The Co-operative Group ditched the paperwork and increased their productivity with Canvas!

By Jason Peck on July 15, 2015

Retailers: Using Technology for Safety Compliance

Safety compliance involves a hefty amount of work for retailers. How can technology help you manage your safety program more efficiently?  

By Andrew Cantle on July 9, 2015

How Security Guard Managers Should Handle Complaints

Complaints about how security guards perform their jobs are inevitable – and often trivial. But it’s vital to handle grievances from the public carefully.

By Jason Good on July 2, 2015

Auto Repair Scheduling: Four Ways to Keep the Work Balanced

It’s hard for auto shop owners to balance the need to keep a full service bay with customers’ desire to get their cars back quickly. Here’s help. 

By Joe Gatto on June 25, 2015

Keep Customers in Your Retail Store: Engage Them With Technology

Customers want innovations that make the retail experience convenient and engaging. How to use technology to keep them in your store once you have them. 

By Michael Benedict on June 24, 2015

How Top Small Businesses Use Technology

Small businesses that use technology get ahead of the competition. Find out how top small businesses get the most out of technology in this infographic. 

By Michael Benedict on June 18, 2015