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Canvas Survey Indicates Growing Comfort with Shadow IT as Mobile Business App Usage Increases

Check out the results of our latest survey, which shows that organizations' comfort with Shadow IT is growing, as is their usage of mobile business apps to drive real business results.

By Jason Peck on February 11, 2016

High Profile Food Safety Issues Require New Thinking

Food-related issues cause millions of illnesses and thousands of hospitalizations each year in the United States. Here's how you can avoid food safety issues at your own establishment and all the negative press and publicity that comes with this. 

By Michael Benedict on January 28, 2016

Release Notes: Department Functionality

Right at the end of 2015 our development team wrapped up work on a huge enhancement to our platform.  Companies that use Canvas tend to find more and more uses for it.  That means more Canvas Apps in use and more employees set up to fill them out on their mobile devices.  Canvas was getting a bit hard to manage for folks and they asked for help.  Help has arrived!

By Jason Good on January 22, 2016

Release Notes: Web Link to PDFs, Hyperlinked Images, Currency Style and more!

As we get closer to our biggest release ever, we have some exciting new additions to the Canvas product that we are always thrilled to bring you.  We love feedback so please post any and all feedback at the bottom of this blog entry.

By Jason Good on January 12, 2016

4 Hidden Dangers in Oil and Gas Extraction

Learn about 4 hidden dangers in oil and gas extraction, and how mobile technology can help identify risk, measure exposure, and keep your workers safe.

By Michael Benedict on December 21, 2015

Data Mining and the Future of Oil Extraction

As the cost of sensors goes down, capturing operations and efficiency data is getting easier. What the data-driven future looks like for oil rigs.

By Michael Benedict on December 17, 2015

Using Data to Maintain Safety in Oil and Gas Extraction

How breakthroughs in the use of worksite data make it possible to anticipate accidents and machine failures before they happen in oil and gas extraction. 

By Michael Benedict on December 10, 2015

3 Ways Technology Can Help With Rig Maintenance

Keeping all parts of an oil rig maintained and working smoothly is not easy. Three ways technology can help with maintenance, performance, and safety.

By Michael Benedict on December 3, 2015

Highway Construction and Maintenance Equipment: 3 Important Issues

Three areas to consider when maintaining your heavy highway construction equipment, and how tapping the power of digital technology can make it easier.

By Michael Benedict on November 30, 2015

Release Notes: Submission Numbering in PDF Designer

We have added the Submission Numbering feature to the Canvas PDF Designer!  

By Jason Good on November 25, 2015