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8 Work Zone Tips to Protect Your Highway Construction Workers

Highway projects are on the rise thanks to recent legislation. Here’s how to keep highway construction workers safe from vehicular traffic.

By Michael Benedict on November 24, 2015

How Mobile Changed Business for Globe Tattoo Home Broadband

Can switching to mobile apps change your business? Learn how one Philippine Broadband provider changed service by going mobile. 

By Mary Qin on November 23, 2015

3 Ways to Tap Data and Better Manage Your Vehicle Fleet

No matter the size of your fleet, data can help improve your vehicle fleet management and kick your business into the next gear.

By Michael Benedict on November 19, 2015

How Mobile Forms Improve Road Worksite Inspections

Technology like mobile forms can help keep your road worksite safe and compliant, and make inspections go more smoothly. Learn how. 

By Michael Benedict on November 18, 2015

5 Areas Where You Can Use Your Data to Drive More Revenue and Realize Cost Savings

From safety to inventory tracking to customer service, the data you already collect can help you find opportunities to drive revenue. 

By Jason Good on November 17, 2015

TMA Trucks: What You Need to Know to Prevent Workplace Accidents

A TMA truck, or safety truck, protects drivers with its own enormous crumple zone. Mobile technology can help care for these complex vehicles.

By Michael Benedict on November 16, 2015

Release Notes: Canvas Application Store Makeover, PDF Preview on Mobile, and More!

This time around the biggest change we have made is a re-design of the App Pages inside our Application Store.  These are the pages that highlight all of the details around each individual Canvas App.  Our hope is to make these pages more useful for subscribers and non-subscribers that are looking for the right template when looking to mobilize another form and process at their organization.

By Jason Good on November 14, 2015

Fire & Safety Commodities, Inc. is 100% Paperless and Can Forecast Revenue by Using Canvas Platform

Our goal with each customer is to enable them to go 100% paperless.  We are excited to tell the story of Fire & Safety Commodities, Inc. out of Kenner, LA.  They have successfully removed paper from the equation at their growing business.  The efficiencies gained have helped them grow their business from a single location in 2012 when they launched Canvas to 3 locations today serving southeastern Louisiana.  

By Jason Good on November 13, 2015

Don’t Be Daunted: Big Data for the Little Guys

Big data is organized data that can be analyzed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations. Learn how these insights can help boost your small business.

By Jason Good on November 12, 2015

World Paper Free Day 2015

Happy World Paper Free Day! If you're not already paperless, we challenge you to try it out just for today. And get in touch with us so we can help!

By Jason Peck on November 6, 2015