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Preventative Maintenance Check for TM 9-2320-280-10 PMCS FOR M998 SERIES VEHICLES Mobile App

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This is a mobile app version of the US Army's Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services(PMCS)for operating and servicing HUMMV M998 series vehicles. This comprehensive app also includes the PMCS schedule from -10 operators manual. Instead of using paper and pen to complete these maintenance checks, imagine being able to complete these checks right from your smartphone or tablet. Once you complete the inspection, a PDF is generated that can be emailed and is automatically stored in the cloud. Now you can present all your maintenance checks immediately to Unit leaders, who can audit whether all PMCS checks are regularly completed. The Pubs officer can easily update this checklist with the very latest procedures. You can email your checks to the Mechanics, who are then immediately notified of faults. Completing these inspections using your mobile device ensures that potential maintenance problems get documented and communicated much faster than the traditional "paper trail," ensuring your unit's safety.

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