You've heard about the cloud and now with MyCanvas, you have your own secure, personal data storage area that provides you and your customers with searchable access to important and useful data collected in the field.

MyCanvas is your own personal data cloud that provides you with secure searchable access to important and useful data collected about you, your property or your business. 

MyCanvas helps you grow your business by...
    •    Expediting your billing process
    •    Reducing hassles - customers have instant access to their invoices and service histories
    •    Promoting your environmentally-conscious business focus

MyCanvas helps you provide best in class customer service...
    •    Provide your customers with access to their data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    •    Empower your customers to download their data and share it with others
Read how to turn on MyCanvas for each of your Canvas Apps today!
Visit our page that explains how your customers can access their data in the Canvas cloud. Learn More.

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