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The account portal is your home base on GoCanvas. From here you can see your submissions, apps, payment information, and  much more. There are multiple tabs within your portal. They include: dashboard, my apps, reports, submissions, dispatch, and account.

Dashboard is the first page you see for my home. Find news on your recent account activity, or see app suggestions tailored just for you! Add or manage users on the right hand side.

My Apps is a list of all your apps. See the status of your apps, edit, destroy, or create a new one. Anything related to designing your apps can be done here.

Want to calculate your ROI? Interested in knowing your active users? Come to the Reports tab and we’ll generate those for you.

The Submissions tab is where you access your data. Filtered by app, you can also search for specific submissions here. Want to integrate your data into your back end systems?You can export your submissions as a csv file.

In  the Dispatch tab you can enable this feature. Create a new file, upload files for use, it’s all done here

The final tab My Account, shows your billing, payment method, and your users. You can add/remove users, or make and edit groups. We make payment information easy: easily access your invoice and payment history.

Customize your account through the customize button on the left. Personalize your email, add a logo, or make your account HIPAA compliant.

Want to learn more about these features? Check out these resources below!

Edit an app

Use your data

Backend data integration

HIPPA compliant


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