Therapist Mobile Apps and Forms

Whether you’re a speech therapist, physical therapist, holistic therapist or even a marriage counselor, there are times when you can get burdened down with all the paperwork, distracting from your needs and the needs of the patient. Canvas’ large collection of apps for therapists can help you cut down on the distractions and focus on your therapeutic work. Whether you need a note-taking app, or a pain audit tool, or even a patient satisfaction survey app, GoCanvas has a plethora of mobile options for you. Browse through our portfolio of apps for therapists and customize your app today!

Therapist Mobile Apps and Forms

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Sample Therapist Apps

Therapy Treatment Notes Mobile App

Record therapy treatment notes with this easy to use Therapy Treatment Notes app. Includes client details, session goals, treatment, comments and next treatment focus. Also includes a field for the therapist signature.

Child Speech Therapy Notes Mobile App

Quickly document and record notes from child speech therapy sessions with this Child Speech Therapy Notes app. Includes child name, date and time of the session, objective, next session plan, therapist signature, parent signature and more. This app can be...

Chart Audit Form Mobile App

The Chart Audit Form mobile app audits medical charts for compliance. The app provides detailed checklists for the following specific charts: Life Stage: Up To 24 Months, Life Stage: 25 Months To 11 Years, Life Stage: 12 - 19 Years, Life Stage: 20 - 64 Years...


Depression Analysis Tool Mobile App

Use the Depression Analysis Tool to identify four patients (with PHQ scores of 10 or greater) started on treatment for depression. The app documents Early Follow-Up, Repeat PHQ, SMS Goal Setting, Clinically Significant Improvement in 3months and 50%...

Monthly Asthma Chart Audit Mobile App

The Monthly Asthma Chart Audit mobile app helps physicians and clinics audit charts for patients being treated for asthma. The app covers medications, patient education, severity classification and referral. Audits in the GoCanvas Application Store can easily be...

Tuberculosis Chart Audit Tool Mobile App

Use the Tuberculosis Chart Audit Tool mobile app to ensure that your clinic is in compliance treating patient’s diagnoses with tuberculosis. The app covers these critical areas: General Parameters and Time Limits, Diagnosis Information, Treatment...

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