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Manufacturer Mobile Apps and Forms

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Manufacturers have the responsibility to maintain both high levels of production and a safe environment for their workers. To help you build this environment, Canvas has produced a whole library of customizable mobile forms and apps for manufactures. With a plethora of smartphone resources from detailed safety guidelines, to factory and worker evaluations, to quality assurance checklists, Canvas has everything you need to help your factory thrive. Click through the collection today to find the perfect app to manufacture sustained success for your plant.

Manufacturer Mobile Apps and Forms

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Sample Manufacturer Apps

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Manufacturing Assembly Area Safety Rules

A mobile customizable guideline manufacturers can provide to all their employees in order to facilitate a safe work environment.

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Manufacturing Quality Assurance Manual

Ensure quality production in your manufacturing plant with this mobile guideline. Monitor products, delivery, customer satisfaction and more.

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Lean Manufacturing Self-Assessment

Evaluate your manufacturing procedures and facility production with this easy self-assessment app.


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