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Electrician Mobile Apps and Forms

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Being an electrician is a highly technical job, employing highly skilled laborers, yet running the business side can seem much harder than the actual work at times. Canvas' set of mobile electrician apps and forms help streamline the paperwork that goes along with the job, and keeps the electrician's mind focused on the work. From instant contracts, to phone-based work reports, to safety guidelines and more, Canvas has a bevy of mobile resources to meet the electrician's needs. Browse the collection today, and find the perfect app for your electrician business' needs.

Electrician Mobile Apps and Forms

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Sample Electrician Apps

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Electricians Work Report

Easily customizable daily work report for electricians to track and monitor their overall work.

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Electrical Contact Form

A mobile contract app designed specifically for electricians, detailing scope of work, location, time needed and more.

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Electrical Material List

App collects information about electrician jobs including the job number, purchase order, and more, then lists the materials needed to work.


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