GoCanvas Analytics

Analyze Your Submission Data with Interactive Dashboards, Reports, and Notifications

About GoCanvas Analytics

Do more than just collect data remotely. GoCanvas Analytics is a highly customizable business intelligence product that gives you insight into the data that you're already collecting through your GoCanvas forms. Analytics removes reporting roadblocks and provides a seamless solution to report on data, visualize what’s happening in real-time, and distribute your findings throughout your organization. Custom dashboards and reports help you identify historical trends, monitor current performance metrics, and discover new opportunities to help your organization grow.


Turn-Key Dashboards and Reporting

  • Custom dashboards that update in real time with your latest submission data
  • Ability to filter data to drill down into one facet of your business or keep track of everything in a high-level view
  • Quickly generate PDF Reports and send them to anyone you want

Customized Email Alerts and Notificaitons

  • Scheduled reporting emails to share metrics and trends throughout your organization
  • Email alerts sent to the right people when metrics fall above or below expected thresholds

Pre-Configured Options

  • Ask a team member about a pre-configured dashboard for Safety tracking through OSHA guidelines
  • Ask a team member about a pre-configured dashboard for COVID-19 symptom tracking

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